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Viewer Warning : 

This is a Medical Study that contains photos and phrases that speak of the human body.  There is content on this website you could be sensitive to if not previously warned of this content.  Notice: If you are  sensitive to issues of a "Medical Study", then please refrain and don't enter this site.  Thank you.        

      WARNING:  This is a Medical Study that contains photos of blood, as well as other items related to the human body.  If you are sensitive to this, please don't enter this site.           

Researchers contact us:

New Fibrelos Information ~ 2018:

Our preliminary research shows many possible Fibromyalgia and Chronic Lyme Disease (CLD) symptoms could be the response of Mini-Fibrelos Tumors growing in-between the layers of epidermis, then growing inside tissue layers below the epidermis.  Possibly leading to an even larger Fibrelos Tumor forming over time; putting pressure on organs, including the heart.  This causes sensations similar, leading to patients seeking care for Fibromyalgia & CLD.  This is the informal study experienced by our founder, fully documented with video & photos.

Next, our preliminary research also reveals one type of "Heart Palpitations" and "Some Possible Stroke Symptoms" leads to possible new techniques in relieving pressure caused by a possible Heart Attack as well as a possible Stroke on-coming to be suffered by a patient.  Fibrelos Blood Clots have been responsible for growing on top tissue layers leading to the heart-less than usually 1/4mm in the epidermis and top tissue layers, generally seen is a bump/and or a pigment.  This bump/and or a pigment could be one of the first warning signs there's a specific type called Fibrelos Blood Clots underneath.  This may then lead to flow issues; causing backed-up pressure where the Fibrelos Blood Clots are found. The Epidermis; not only the top of, as well as possibly surrounding the heart in-between the dermis, also, a Fibrelos Blood Clot could possibly be forming in-between the dermis leading to the Heart.  The technique of less than 1/4 mm Possible relief has been with a 1/32mm, that's less less than 1mm. ©Pin Prick Shunt is the technique that leads to a possible less invasive technique for patients other than open heart surgery.  This is the informal study experienced by our founder, fully documented with video & photos.

The Fibromyalgia Lyme Disease Foundation (F.L.D.F) Presents

The Fibrelos Study

                                                                  Tap here to find out is it a Tick or Fibrelos?

Photo 1: Removal from Upper Right Chest 10-2017.  Photo 2:  Removal from Right Leg on 11-8-2016.  Photo 3:  Is it a Tick or is it a Fibrelos Tangle/Mini-Fibrelos Tumor?    

U.C. Davis Study states that 25% of Fish we Consume has Polyethylene Fibers & More...tap here

Mission Statement:

The F.L.D.F.  and the FLDF Founder is searching for a Research Team to study the findings of the Fibrelos Study.  There's many aspects of further achievement in research leading to development of treatment(s).  With our Inner-Connections, The Fibrelos Study is leading the way to answers through the symptom connections found similarin several Mysterious Diagnoses, the Fibrelos finding is significant.  Although many studies in these Mysterious Diagnosis have transpired, it's the Inner-Connecting specific symptoms together with Fibrelos Study we feel will provide more answers.

History of When & Why Our Website Began

This website was made on October 15, 2015.  It was created to assist Doctors in educating them about Fibrelos.  The reason for this is on October 23, 2015, our Founder provided samples of Fibrelos to Infectious Disease Department Director.  Once we discovered they weren't willing to hear this new medical news, we're excited to invite the Medical Community to learn more about Fibrelos.  By November 20, 2018, our Founder is getting sicker by the day, but holding hope.  Join our Fibrelos Study and be a part of the Fibrelos Study; making Medical History.

Easy tap & click features built in to most photos, as the links to the other portions of this website are at a touch or click away.  If there's a certain topic, for example Fibrelos Rock Clots ~ tap or click that, and you will automatically be taken directly to that section of our website.  Thank you.

Fibrelos Could Possibly Be the Answer...

Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Syndrome, Lupus, Unexplained Dermopathy (tap here), Cancer, possibly Breast Cancer, Specific Blood Clots, Heart Palpitations, Tumors, Neuro Science Diagnoses, Limpomas, Research continues. 

Fibrelos is possibly the "Basis" of many illnesses possibly caused by Fibrelos Exposure. The Fibrelos Study has Inner-Con nected by Fact-Feature-Symptom-Knowledge finding all are directly caused by Fibrelos. That's our goal to find out what is Fibrelos. One day we'll have more answers. 

We Need Researchers.

The Fibrelos Study is here

           This specific Fibrelos was removed from our Founders body.

Please see A Fibrelos Patient Story: Tumor & 'Elephant Leg the story of one Patient's determination to get answers of Fibrelos Causation.

The Inner-Connection:

The Fibrelos Study


Photo: Removal from Right Breast 9-1-2016


Fibrelos:  One Finding for Many Mysterious Illnesses & Symptoms

What we've found in the Fibrelos Study is an Inner-Connection to the Symptoms, Features and Knowledge of Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Lupus, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ALS, possibly linked to Cancer, possibly Breast Cancerpossibly cause for specific Heart Issues - Palpitations have been noticed then as the release of pressure it relieved the Heart Palpitations  

Next is a specific tumor called Fibrelos Tumors/Fibrelos Basketball Tumors, Lipomas, Fibrelos MRSA, Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Blood Clots, Fibrelos Rock Clots,  Possible New Way to Relieve Fibrelos Heart Palpitations May 2018-click here

Tap Photos & Video New Fibrelos Blood Clot Video of 9-16-18

Tap Photo:Fibrelos Rock Clot Mini-Tumor resembles Tick - Left Breast on 8-15-18

The FLDF & Founder of the Fibrelos Study asks the Medical Community, Researchers, Research Specialties to Consider Fibrelos

A brief Explanation of Fibrelos:    

      The Fibrelos Study has inner-connected several different Mysterious Diagnosis.  As there's many different processes that occur when Fibrelos is in the body, one feature that causes not only pain, but extensive stoppages is the Tangling of Fibrelos Strands.  As the Fibrelos Strands tangle throughout parts of the body, it could fester enough to begin weaving Fibrelos Sacks.  These FIbrelos Sacks are special blood clots that could form Fibrelos Blood Clots that could be the cause of artery & vein blockages. 

       As these are just the notes of our Founder in this website, we will take you on a journey into a new form of study: The Inner-Connection of Fibrelos Facts, Features, and Symptoms; allowing a more direct approach in diagnosing Patients. 

Fibrelos Fluid & Fibrelos Rock Clots

       Fibrelos Fluid that's present when the Fibrelos Tangles build in size.  The Little Black Dots can be seen through the top layers of skin.  There's also a 'Pigment' a blue or grey dot on skin.  As mentioned in the paragraphs above, the pigment could represent Fibrelos Blood Clots underneath the surface of the pigment's location.  These are Fibrelos Rock Clots.  They're comprised of a combination of Fibrelos Fluid, trapped blood, and are miniature Fibrelos Rock Tumors.  They form directly on the Fibrelos Strands plus flow out during removal of Fibrelos.

 Fibrelos Blood Clots & Fibrelos Blood Clot Sacks  

Fibrelos Blood Clots most recently in May of 2018, were the cause of Heart Palpitations.  When the Fibrelos Blood Clots form, it creates extra, and sometimes extreme pressure.  This may cause pain, plus creates havoc inside the body.  In The Fibrelos Blood Clot Series, it shows the size of some of the Fibrelos Blood Clots.  Plus our videos show the "Clots, Fibrelos Fluid, and Blood Flow.  As we all know, any type of blood clot is a dangerous thing.  With the Fibrelos Blood Clot System, it presents more medical challenges.  This photo of the Fibrelos Blood Clots to the left, is from October 4, 2017.  They came out after seeing what looked 'Lupus Lines', turned into a large flow of Fibrelos Blood Clots.  This came from the Right Leg.

Fibrelos Rock Clots:  Seen in this diagram, each location of the Fibrelos Rock Clots on this Fibrelos Strand, shows areas where further Fibrelos Tangles could happen.  Once this process begins, Fibrelos Tumors could develop, and may develop over time.  

Fibrelos Study is Historic with the Medical Community...

This Fibrelos Study now is historic with it's findings, as the Medical Community has been discussing for years.  Since the first notice of symptoms in the year 2000, the Fibrelos Study is now readily being discussed and possibly considered.  Many proprietary findings of the Fibrelos Study is not on this website; that's for the Researchers to know and study.  This is just the basics.

Doctors, Hospitals, and Medical Professionals and Diagnosis Professionals considering the Fibrelos Study is an open direction in diagnosing Patients.  Now when someone has a Tumor, Blood Clotting Disease, Heart Disease, Lipomas, the mentioned 'Inner-Connected Mysterious Diseases', Various Skin Disorders that may or may not be accompanied by/with an Arthritic Pain, Wide Spread Pain, Physicians can come here to read the findings in the Fibrelos Study as a possibility direction in diagnosing.

Please read further about The Fibrelos Study and learn the forefront of "Inner-Connection of the Same Symptoms & the Same Findings" of Many Different Mysterious Diagnosis Illnesses, and one woman's drive & thrive to Stop the Suffering.  We need Research Specialists to join the  F.L.D.F. 

Email the FLDF to help with Research Today!  1st Research Team -  Thanks from the Founder        


This is Fibrelos

              The FLDF feels it's possibly the "Tangling of Fibrelos" that causes the nerves to react; not the nerves reacting independently, as researchers have stated pertaining to Fibromyalgia Pain. 

"Nerves Must & Need to Have a Reason to React." -stated byFibrelos Study Founder  

Looking back to the photo above of the Single Fibrelos - do you see the not" in the Fibrelos?  That takes up space in our bodies.  I know this all seems as simple as that, but it is. But that's just the beginning. It's much more than a diagnosis specific to Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease, possibly Breast Cancer, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, ALS, Lupus, and several more have been inner-connected to Fibrelos Symptoms. 

Looking at the Symptoms as the Big Picture  

We've begun the Fibrelos Study, yes.  But this study is documented with the help of a few doctors, specialists; we've documented as we experience, then put the symptoms down on paper.  Basically, we're taking what we're experiencing, searching for other Diagnosis with the same symptoms.  And that's it.  That's the Fibrelos Study.  One U.S. University began research, yet decided it wasn't for them.  Which leads us now to find a dedicated research team.   

Photo to Right--->

  In this photo, you can see how it shapes, turns, and flows.  That can be felt each time it changes shape, it can be felt.

 <---Photo to Left- This set of Fibrelos Blood Clots & Fibrelos Tangles blew out of the Founder's Right Leg.  It's sitting in water.  Photo to Right--->

This is "Dry Fibrelos" that was being removed from our Patient's right chest about 2 above her breast.  The "Fibrelos Dry Study" a note here that it could strangle any organ it wraps itself around.  The strength to pull the Fibrelos out with the 'Dry Method' is unimaginable. 

With that much pressure to remove it, and the heart pressure/palpitations our Patient has experienced since late 2017, these are things Cardiologists may want to know before they cut open their patients. 

Above her right breast, the Dry Fibrelos was being lifted from the area.  Hundreds if not thousands of 'Microscopic Fibrelos Rock Clots' were flowing out; the pain was excruciating that of the removal.  After was relief from the heart palpitations the Patient had been feeling, and she was able to go back to sleep once relief was in the air.  In the future, we will further release 2018 study product.  This photo was taken in October of 2017.

The Complexity of the Fibrelos Study, Lyme, Fibromyalgia and more...

The complexity of Fibromyalgia is at times overwhelming.  Yes there's many studies, but no immediate approach to rid the symptoms.   

With an overabundance of Fibrelos & Fibrelos Rock Clots clogging up the body with millions or more of them; tangling one over the other, plus filling up the body with unwanted Fibrelos, is cause for extreme concern.  The issue with the tangling of Fibrelos leads to the danger of Fibrelos Blood Clots forming in different parts of the body.  Below, we have further information, as well as first hand experiences with Patient(s) suffering from Fibrelos.

 Speaking about connecting Lyme Disease, it's understood you would need to be bit by a "Tick", but one Doctor our Founder has had conversations with about this.  A Mayo Clinic Lyme Specialty M.D. feels that more than 50% of Lyme Disease Diagnosis has nothing to do with a 'Tick Bite'.  We've been stating this for many years, finally someone with this level of Lyme Disease knowledge shares the same possibilities.

The inner-connection to Lyme Disease with the Fibrelos Study, we feel is the same: Fibrelos is a Tick Borne Disease only because it penetrates in tissue of the body.  Due to the new finding of Fibrelos, new testing protocol is to diagnose Fibrelos is one goal we have. 

Matching the Fibrelos Symptoms to Current Diseases

 Matching symptoms to our Fibrelos Study symptoms with other diseases such as Chronic Lyme Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and even more Mysterious Diseases, provides more direction for possibilities in diagnosing for Doctors.  

<---Photo to Left  

This was from 2015 just after our Founder had Gallbladder Surgery & Sepsis real bad.  Her Belly Button was engulfed with Fibrelos and a Fibrelos MRSA infection.  In this photo, it's clear to see the Fibrelos spewing out.  This infection couldn't be controlled by any antibiotic.  One of the only ways healing of this began was to release all the Fibrelos Fluid, MRSA Fluids, then begin taking liquid silver.  We'll be doing a complete section on the effects of the silver ingested to decrease symptoms & other healing aspects at a later date.   

    The Fibrelos Tangle    


Fibrelos Blood Clots "Blow Out" Exactly At Pigment: Heart Palpitations began in

September of 2017 - the 'Elephant on the Chest' Feeling

     This is Fibrelos Tangle, as we explore this website, there's a section if you scroll down, that is explaining something called Fibrelos Rock Clots that you should explore shortly after reading this section here.  Photo & Diagram above is showing a Fibrelos Tangle removed from Chest - this bundle of Fibrelos went to our first Research Team in October of 2017.

     Explaining a little more about the Fibrelos Tangle, on the surface, we may see a small bump that may be the same color as your skin, you could also see a simple raised red dot by itself or there could be several bumps in the surrounding area. 

September of 2017:

     Example 1:  Our Patient has had Heart Beating Out of Her Chest at times, then laying on her side at night is Pound - Pound -Pound - Pound of the pressure surrounding her heart.  The other night, she released at the "Black Pigment" was.  This is also where the pain and pounding of her heart was.  There was also lines plus microscopic bumps in the area surrounding the pain, pounding symptoms.  Once the Pin Prick Shunt was done in that area, Fibrelos Blood Clots and the Fibrelos Rock Clots blew out with Fibrelos Fluid...and the pressure was extremely decreased. 

    Also, knowing what to do with what is seen is something that's taken years of the Founder to determine.  It could be that a person may have what the FLDF considers to be the beginning of a Fibrelos Attack needing immediate attention if the pain or pressure is bad, or it may simply be needing to be left alone to study what the needs of the "Bump" may be.  By the way, the only way the FLDF gets involved with opening a bump of our Patient is with a simple ©Pin Prick Shunt method mentioned below; no cutting is ever done.  We never do Punch Biopsies: the big mistake of the Kaiser CDC Unexplained Dermopathy-2008-Study into the cause of some Mysterious Skin Issues; they should have done a "Free-Form Biopsy - as the FLDF mentions.  This photo is a usual Lyme-Type bump with a whitish center.  This is sometimes found Post-Lyme Treatment skin.   

CONNECTING THE DOTS:  is Breast Cancer & Heart Attacks Possibly Linked to Fibrelos? 

This showed up...but even after 2-Mammograms, the Radiologists still didn't see the Fibrelos, but it's the White Fibrous Product lit up in the Mammogram photo 

<---Photo to Left 2016 

This was taken on 8-24-2016 - Mammogram noting the toward the curve...that's the Fibrelos Bump spoken of.  Patient took photo of it with her phone.-->Photo to Right 

This was taken on  8-21-16: day Patient saw the "Fibrelos Pressure Bruise".  On August 21, 2016, this was what led her to the doctors office for a Mammogram.         

 Exploring Inner-Connections of Fibrelos Study:

     Due to the large number of people that are affected by Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, Chronic Lyme Syndrome, Post Treatment Lyme Syndrome, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Cancer, possibly Breast Cancer, ALS, Unexplained Dermopathy, as well as Lupus and a few more, the Fibrelos Study just may be the missing link bringing answers to the forefront of suffering. 

As we explore the Fibrelos Study, we're looking further to see if we are possibly all exposed to Fibrelos.  Even though we may not show signs of exposure, the symptoms may not be present all at one time; even the slightest symptom means Fibrelos could possibly be active in the body.  That's why the Fibrelos Study ~ Notes were released in October of 2015; to inform with even the slightest information to the medical world as well as the public the Fibrelos Study exists. 

In September of 2017, we discovered a possible connection with a bilateral study to the Fibrelos Study, related to something called Fibrin.  Further study into this discovery will reveal if there is any connection with Fibrin, and if so, what and why is it causing this to happen?  Is Fibrin truly something different that what is being studied about it?  We must have researchers to assist us.

Possible Exposure to Fibrelos ~ Pharmaceutical Coil:

     In October of 2015, one of the ways we figured out exposure was those little cotton blobs medication bottles containing a “Cotton-Like” product inside - the Pharmaceutical Coil.  It's not cotton, f.y.i.  This is still our easiest possibility of being exposed: onset of taking medication from a bottle containing the coil product.  Although it keeps the medications from moving around, one never found this except through our inner-connection research.

Photos Show the Damage from Fibrelos:

Photo #1:    This was taken on June 30, 2016; but began in 2015.  The Fibrelos did extensive damage to the Right Leg, and the history is in the photos and documentation.  This photo shows a healed version in 2016, but activity is still happening under the surface in 2018. 

You can see the two (2) small red bumps; indicating there's still Fibrelos activity under it all.  What began as 2-Lupus Lines, soon turned into an excessive issue, an extreme Fibrelos MRSA infection, and a worrisome possibility of amputation.  During the time of this Right Leg Fibrelos Attack, it wasn't something to 'Sit-back-and-wait-and-see', it was get in and try to save the leg.  As no medication were helping; even after several months, the only thing Doctor and Wound Care Specialist wanted to do, was to wrap it up, put salve on it.  With a Fibrelos Attack like this, and that's the worst thing you can do.  With a Fibrelos Attack, Doctors & Specialists only have Western Medicine Studies available; they do what the books say.  This is different.  It's Fibrelos, not staph, not standard infectious properties.  Photo #2:  This photo was taken on March 13, 2016 a few months before Photo#1.  Photo#3: This photo was taken of Founder's Right Leg on January 4, 2016.

The Fibrelos Heart Series...

Notes taken here were on May 21, 2018 -Heart Palpitations & ©Pin-Prick Shunt

     Taking a look at the Photos to the Right, the Patient is pointing to the exact location of the pain & sensation of the Heart Palpitations.  The Photo next to this shows what came out; a Fibrelos Tangle.  Only a Approximately 1mm is touched to the upper layer of skin to release Fibrelos & Fibrelos Tangles, Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Blood Clots, and Fibrelos Fluid.  The moment the Fibrelos Lached-On to the tip of the tool, the releasing of many Fibrelos Rock Clots - as they are affixed somehow to the Fibrelos while it's being removed. 

     Photos & Video taken beginning May 21, 2018 during extreme heart pain & pressure is, the Patient made a ©Pin Prick Shunt to release the pressure:  

Heart Palpitations... The Founder was experiencing Heart Palpitations.  Diagrams of the photos and the findings will be posted a a later time, we wanted to get this video and a few photos here first.  The video below shows a live release of the Fibrelos Heart Series Blood Clots.  This photo is from that ©Pin Prick Shunt release on 5-21-18.   

 In the photo to the left, you can see the Fibrelos Rock Clots in a row a Sheath of Fibrelos is holding them in a somewhat sack of Fibrelos-Sheath.  See the redness in the lines on the top of the skin?  This is just a little of what came out - underneath those red squiggle lines.  See the photo above; there was no redness. Once the removal began, it was easier to see this. 

Based on experience, the amount of Fibrelos Rock Clots shown is a sign there could be an even larger Fibrelos Tumor'happening below the surface and deeper inside.  It's easy to see the red/purple swirls in the skin. Doctors would probably say this look could be veins. 

However, after shunt began, quickly flowing out it shows that's Fibrelos with Fibrelos Rock Clots.  Photo Below:  The location on her chest where she felt pain, saw a Fibrelos Bump with Pigmentation, she did a ©Prick Shunt, and immediately show a Rock Clot. This is what flowed out  on May 21, 2018~Video WarningVideo Warning ~

Fibrelos Blood Clot Series

      We have recorded videos to document many different aspects of The Fibrelos Study.  One of them from the removal of a very large Fibrelos Cover that contained several if not hundreds or even thousands of tangled Fibrelos that we call The Fibrelos Tangle.  Before I enter into a big explanation, I open with a thought: what simple a thought it would have been; during medical studies in the past, once notice of difference was seen: where medical studies of the skin, the heart, as well as the brain is surrounded with Fibrelos Tangles, Fibrelos Blood Clots, Fibrelos Basketball Tumors, Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Bumps, Fibrelos Rock Clots, actually led to the our Inner-Connected Diseases: possibly suffering would never have happened and mysterious diseases would have had answers.  It's worth taking a second look at our Fibrelos Study; as it brings a perspective & insight of amazement.  Tap photos below t o get to the Fibrelos Blood Clot Series Page:

The Fibrelos Blood Clot & Rock Clot Series  

     As described and explained further below in the Fibrelos Blood Clot Series", the F.L.D.F. believes it's the tangles in the Fibrelos leads to many symptoms we know as Fibromyalgia Pain, Lyme Disease Symptoms-Post Lyme Treatment Syndrome, because of the stress it puts on the body.

     The videos of the Fibrelos Studies are Graphic so please read the warning at the top, and a warning here - please don't watch them if you don't want to see them.  During some of the videos, the Founder speaks to her Doctor; asking her to please listen to her.  The Founder's symptoms, sufferings, and pleadings; asking her Kaiser doctor to do something. 

     The pleading is life-changing: those whom have confronted the medical world with Fibromyalgia, Lyme Disease, even the Kaiser CDC 'Unexplained Dermopathy' symptoms & sufferings; we hear you at the F.L.D.F.

The photos below are showing some textures of Fibrelos has shown to be the majority:

PHOTO 1:  This photo shows a more free-flowing Fibrelos.  It's texture is similar to a textile; almost like a thread.  It is strong and sturdy while it is worked out of the affected Fibrelos area(s).   You can see a black dot on top of the skin where the Fibrelos is being removed:  that's a Fibrelos Rock Clot.   

PHOTO 2:  This photo shows a very stiff Fibrelos.  The stiffness was also seen as well as when it was being removed from the affected Fibrelos area(s). 

Fibrelos Blood Clots begin with Tangled Fibrelos Clogging Arteries, Veins, Capillaries, and more:

    An important feature of Fibrelos Blood Clots is the clogging veins, capillaries, arteries, other blood areas such as the heart, operative organs, and lungs.  Referring back to the Fibrelos Tangles, this can cause some extensive Fibrelos Cloting with the "Fibrelos Rock-Clot" -  the F.L.D.F. needs to study this further.  However, it is a hard substance that comes out of the ©Pin Prick Shunt or an affected Fibrelos Zone; then it dissolves slightly, once it touches water or fluid while smashing it over and over.  But if there's no one inside your body smashing the Fibrelos Rock-Clots, they can cause clotting in all blood zones.  Plus it's the belief of the F.L.D.F. that the Fibrelos Tumor begins at the point where the Fibrelos Tangle gets larger, and more powerful, more Fibrelos Fluid" builds, then more ibrelos Rock Clots" form directly on the Fibrelos that's tangled, creating a very hard surface usually very painful.   

    F.L.D.F. presumes that these Fibrelos Rock-Clots are the beginning to a specific type of Fibrelos Tumor.  (see the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor) 

     Areas of the dermatological layers, tissue, and all throughout the body, get clogged - yes "The Body".  It doesn't matter where the affected Fibrelos areas are; with these Fibrelos Rock Clots -Tangled Around the Fibrelos, takes up space in the body...but our body wasn't designed to have anything but The Normal Body Stuff in it - we weren't born with Fibrelos, therefore it's considered to be a Foreign Body inside the body.  Again, so much more research is needed.  We're at the beginning, but what a start: we've made the job of the researchers much easier with these notes of the FLDF Founder.  

In The Lungs:

     In the lungs, the Fibrelos builds up; causing a discharge of phlegm that is stringy and green/yellow in color.  Fibrelos and it's fluid(s) travels into each organ without caring. Fibrelos will Tangle Up in areas of the body that you would least think a Tangle would be.  When I mention the word tangle, that is exactly what I am speaking of.

     Picture a bunch of yarn being just simply wrapped around over and over, then add a bead on the yarn and continue to gets bumpy...and that action continues over and over until it forms into a formation. That's where the Fibrelos Blood Clot begins -the Fibrelos Rock Clot begins the more extensive tangle, the Fibrelos weave in & over then around and over, and we have the Tumor we speak of.

The Fibrelos Blood Clot & Blow-Out

    A Fibrelos  Blood Clot is not only lumpy, clumpy, and sometimes much darker red than most other blood clots, it contains long Fibrelos Strands that at times 20" to 30" in length during a Fibrelos Blood Clot Blow-Out.  Fibrelos Clot w/Fibrelos Rock Clots Fibrelos Blow-Out -  Due to backed-up Fibrelos Blood Clot pressure under the layers of skin. Take a look at the photo above...see the specks of what a doctor would say that's dried, that's the Fibrelos Rock Clot, they are very small usually about the size of a piece of pepper sometimes the size of a tomato seed.  Then just below the needle you can see the darker specks-almost black, that's also a Fibrelos Rock Clot~Click here to jump to page to see the explanations & diagrams.

    This procedure begins from the inside, presumably each organ is being exposed to Fibrelos once you've noticed your first symptoms.  We feel with the Fibrelos Study, that the Fibrelos Fluid mixes throughout the Fibrelos Tangle, then due to the pressure that the Fibrelos causes, it creates changes to your skin.  Once the Fibrelos Pressure takes over, and has no other place to go, it causes a Fibrelos Bump, and even a Pigment of Black, Grey or even a Bluish colored Dot or even a small line in areas surrounding the painful area.  The "Pigment of Black Dot" is microscopic and usually must have at least 4x magnification and a bright light to see the affected area of the skin.  Again, where the pain is, there will be a "Change in the Skin" not looking like a smooth & normal texture and color of the skin.  

     Next, and presumably, as it pushes it's way into the nerves, Fibrelos wraps around; creating a "Tangling" inside the body, as it presumably not only wraps it around, but it goes right through tendons, bones, joints causing some terrible effects.  Fibrelos Fluid then forms sometimes Fibrelos Tumors, Fibrelos Pressure Bruises, and in the Founders case makes you wish for a new body for Christmas.  

Shunting, Fibrelos Rock Clots & Fibrelos Tumors

     With her legs filling with Fibrelos Fluid, not one doctor would listen to what she was suffering from.  Then, years of fluid build up, she found a few things to help decrease all that fluid:  Shunting - 'Let the Fluid Pour Out!'  And that's what she ended up doing. 

     A simple ©Pin Prick Shunt did the job, but then all the content flowing out was not just fluid; Fibrelos Tangles &  Fibrelos Rock Clots were also flowing out of the shunt area.  The shunting would get clogged; then 'Fibrelos & Fibrelos Rock Clots' would appear - 'Whats all the Pepper About?" the Fibrelos Rock Clots look similar to the size of pepper, and they are dark in color.  Now in May of 2018, it's not like the year '2008' and the Fibrelos Study just began: the FLDF has more answers than questions, we just need the specialties to come forward to verify our findings. 

The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor & an Ovarian Tumor/CNN - Compare:

     The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor shown in the photo to the left is the Founder's Left Leg-just behind the femur & approx. 1" above the top of the back of the knee was this Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.   When the Vascular Surgeon refused to insert a Shunt in our Patient, or do some type of surgery to reduce the size, she had no other choice but to shunt it herself. It was a success!  She was able to rid the size of the tumor!

Ovarian Tumor below: is this possibly related to the Fibrelos Study?

Then compare the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor to this CNN Report of a woman that had an 'Ovarian Tumor' removed in April of 2018 at a hospital in Connecticut - not affiliated with the Fibrelos Study, this Ovarian Tumor is shown here---->       

 Tap photo to see Similar Tumor as the Fibrelos Tumor, a CNN Report

 #is this Ovarian Tumor similar to the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor'?   

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