~ The Fibrelos Tangles System ~ ~

       With an overabundance of Fibrelos & Fibrelos Rock Clot s clogging up the body with millions or more of them; tangling one over the other, plus filling up the body with unwanted Fibrelos, is cause for extreme concern.  The issue with the tangling of Fibrelos leads to the danger of Fibrelos Blood Clots forming in different parts of the body.  Below, we have further information about how the Fibrelos Tangles System works with the other components of Fibrelos Strands to create further Fibrelos Tangles that wrap around other Fibrelos products, which then form Fibrelos Tumors.  With this happening, many doctors have no idea this is happening with the way a Tumor is created in the body, which could lead to more Patient(s) suffering from Fibrelos Sympsoms.  

       The diagram below with the red background & heart, shows a large Fibrelos Tangle.  The reason the little heart is placed there is to alert you that this could be a life-threatening situation with the "Fibrelos Tangle" creating a "Fibrelos Blockage" that could put pressure on the Heart.  Learning more about Fibrelos Rock Clots will assist you in exploring the issues of not only the Fibrelos Tangles System, but give you a more in depth understanding of how a Fibrelos Tumor is created in the body.  Tap here to take you to Fibrelos Rock Clots page.  Diagram below shows this specific Fibrelos Tangle that was removed from Chest - this bundle of Fibrelos went to our first Research Team in October of 2017.

     Explaining a little more about the Fibrelos Tangle, on the surface, we may see a small bump that may be the same color as your skin, you could also see a simple raised red dot by itself or there could be several bumps in the surrounding area. 

 Center Neck Fibrelos Strands Removed November 3, 2018 ~ Pressure Build Up             

Learn more about the Founder of the Fibrelos Study being literally strangled at the Neck as a result of Fibrelos. A Documentation in Notes, Videos & Photos, introducing a new Fibrelos Stroke with Stroke Symptoms, Extreme Head Pain, and Fibrelos Blood Clot Build-Up in the Neck. Click here to take you to the Notes Page.

Next, the "Heart Pounding-the Elephant on the Chest" in September of 2017:

Heart Pressure

    Our Patient has had heart beating out of her chest at times, then laying on her side at night is 'pound - pound -pound'-a pressure surrounding her heart.  At the location where the pounding was, there was also a black/blue pigment.  In the same generalized area, there were lines with microscopic bumps surrounding the pain & pounding symptoms.  Once the ©Pin Prick Shunt was done, Fibrelos Blood Clots and Fibrelos Rock Clots blew out with Fibrelos Fluid.  The pressure was extremely decreased.        

Fibrelos Tangle Bundle:

       This Fibrelos Tangle Bundle was sent to our first Research Team in October of 2017.  As you can clearly see, something like this forming in the body will create problems; as the Fibrelos Tangles form, they also strangle different parts of the body.  You can see the 'Fusing of the Fibrelos Strands' together, as the diagram is explaining different facets of each detail, please take a further look at our website in sections to learn more about the devastation of our Founder's suffering.  As Fibrelos strands grow, they sometimes begin to wrap around portions of the body.  In the section that was written in later 2018, it's documenting this pertaining to the neck.  The Fibrelos Strands began to form Fibrelos Tumors that started nearly creating a 'Strangling Effect'. 

<---this is the left side of the neck   

        In the section called 'Fibrelos is Strangling the Neck of our Founder', tap here or on the photo to take you to the section showing our how our Founder was getting incredibly worse by the Fibrelos building up in her neck.  See the Right side, where pockets of skin travel around the neck; it's subtle, yes, but easy to see the deformed areas.  This and the other areas of her neck became worrisome with swallowing, breathing was getting difficult, pain of talking was getting worse.  The quick thinking of our Founder led to the relief of a stroke, plus she received relief of the symptoms of swallowing problems with the ©Pin Prick Shunt.  Tap the neck  photo and it will take you there.

Then the Breast-Fibrelos Tangles light up like a Christmas tree! see all the "White/Light Zones" in your Mammograms?  That's Fibrelos.  Even in the Phillips & GE Mammogram Websites speaking of what "Matter Shows Up" is something other than Breast Tissue, Blood Vessels, and inner Connective Tissue.  What's left?  Fibrelos Tangles & Fibrelos Products/Fibrelos Matter, that's what's left.  Many Doctors are still unaware of our findings, yet to them the Fibrelos Study something new to them.  Although it's been visible for years, however further recognition is needed by Researchers to assist.  As time passes, this is waiting for a new team roll their sleeves up and get to work on this wonderful set of findings.  Our first team started in 2017, then they decided it wasn't for them.  Tap mammogram to go to our Breast Cancer section; opening doors for more research, it's a possibility Fibrelos could cause Breast Cancer.  Tap photo above or here to take you there.

Fibrelos Tangle Bundle:  

With the diagram to the left, it shows the Fibrelos Strands in a full Fibrelos Tangle.  Fibrelos Rock Clots are at the base; creating more pressure for the tangles; which is where the Fibrelos Tumor could be formed.  Once the Fibrelos Tangles begin to take shape, the Fibrelos Fluid gets trapped; causing pain similar to that of Fibromyalgia.  A cramping, aching, constant pain could begin; leaving the Patient with extreme discomfort.  See where the Fibrelos Strands are wapping around the tip in this diagram to the left?  This is a technique that allows the Fibrelos Rock Clots to be untangled easier; sometimes strand by strand.  Then there's the Fiberlos Sheath which is at times hundreds of Fibrelos pushed together in an area where there's no place left to go, then the tangles could begin to form; trapping Fibrelos Fluid.  This begins the processes of the Fibrelos Rock Clots formation; shaping the Fibrelos Tangles as they grow constantly; then trap more Fibrelos Fluid, possibly causing Fibrelos Blood clotting to happen.

More about how Fibrelos Tangles work with Fibrelos Rock Clots Shown in these Diagrams:

Please take a moment to read the explanations in each diagrams, then take this information and apply this to the other portions of our website.  There's so much to learn about Fibrelos, and this is one area that needs full attention to the details; as this is a big part of the Fibrelos Tumors.

Diagrammed Photos of Post Gallbladder Surgery, 8-10-2015  


Fibrelos Strand with Fibrelos Mini Rock Clot Tumor at Each End, Between the Breasts     

<--This photo to the left was a specific Fibrelos Strand was removed from between the breasts at cleavage, where heart palpitations were felt very strong.  The palpitation location was felt to the left of the center of the breasts.  There was a bluish color pigment and a Fibrelos Bump in the same location.  After the removal; as more Fibrelos Strands & Fibrelos Rock Clots were remo ved, the palpitations and pressure significantly decreased. 

      It's not easy to see, but the little Fibrelos Strand in the diagram that's 'Wrapping Around main Fibrelos Strand'...that could be the beginning of the formation wrapped around & tangling the Fibrelos Strand.  

Fibrelos Tangle Bundle:  

       This Fibrelos Tangle Bundle was removed from just above the Right Breast in October of 2017.  This is what's called the "Dry Fibrelos".  When it came out of the section just above the breast, it had no fluids coming out of the Pin Prick Shunt; it was a bit painful as well, but samples had to be given.  It was convenient that palpitations were strong in this area - yes it's the right side, however the pressure as well went from the left to the right side.  

This Fibrelos Tangle Bundle was sent to our 1st Research Team in October of 2017.   

Showing the Minimal Epidermis Changes that Could be Life Saving:

       The changes in the upper layers of the epidermis, at least with respect to the Fibrelos Study, has shown to be life saving techniques, at least for one person, our Founder.  This Fibrelos Bump, even though it's minimal, was an incredible finding.  Because she's experienced this for years, utilized techniques not common to western medicine, she's found incredible direction in releasing not only Fibrelos Blood Clots, but Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Rock Clots, and Fibrelos Tangles.  This was done to decrease pressure at the neck area; which led to a better outcome.  The pigment changes shown with the blue arrows shows part of the shape of the Fibrelos Tangle underneath.  

       Noted in her note of November 30, 2018, she documents a New Tumor.  This is the diagram below.  This Bump & Tumor found on the left side of our Founder's neck, looks like a pimple, or even just a raised area of the top layers of epidermis. As anyone would think by the looks, it could possibly even be a cyst.  Not at all; and inside, as photos will show, it's just the opposite of what anyone would think once what's inside comes out.  The blue arrows point to the continual shape that starts at the top of the photo, then travels down to the bottom. This is an continual connection; as it has a squiggle shape, then connects the new Fibrelos Bump, it continues downward and connects another previously entered Fibrelos Bump. This is showing a porttion of the 'Strangling of Neck with Fibrelos Strands'.

       The photos above are after the Fibrelos Bump in the diagram here was entered and released the Fibrelos product inside.  A different perspective from the way this looks on the outside, as to what's going on inside the Fibrelos Bump.         

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