The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor

A Fibrelos Patient Story:

The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor

The photos below show the Fibrelos Tumor.  We put a comparison to our Founder's Basketball Tumor below- see the "Lucky Connecticut Woman", as a photo below has the CNN Link; shewas very lucky to get a team of Doctors to do surgery. 

However, our Founder was not that lucky; she had no choice but to drain her tumor herself.  Seen here in this photo is a diagram to the right with a photo of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor. 

She tried to get help, but no doctor would help her.  She uses a special method of 'Shunting' called a ©Pin Prick Shunt to not only relieve the pressure, but do an entire drain system exclusive for the Fibrelos Study, is unique to it's form.

These photos are of a "Fibrelos Basketball Tumor" on the back of our Founder's Left Leg on January 3, 2015.

If you look directly at the roundness of the tumor, to the far left is the bend of the leg-that's the Founders back of the calf just below the knee.  She bent her leg to show the impact of having a tumor this size just above the back of the knee.  It was remarkable, now thank goodness to quick thinking, it's gone, and she's relieved.  Now she can sit without the discomfort of that large Fibrelos Basketball Tumor getting in her way. 

<---This is the same photo without the diagram that's located above.  The location is about 1" above the Left Knee & behind the Femur.

This is the same Fibrelos Basketball Tumor after the first few days of shunting; decreasing in size--->

This Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is what she asked the Vascular Surgeon to assist with.  This was a Tumor that needed care.  Filled mostly with Fibrelos Fluid, as hard as a rock, this wasn't going to evaporate, so our Founder/Patient began to drain it.  The location of this Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is approximately one inch above the back of the knee.  Sitting was nearly impossible for a long time.  And let's not discuss the extreme difficulty in using the toilet without falling off each time.  This Patient's Primary Physician refused to treat her any further due to her "Specialty Care" for this "Fibrelos" sickness.

Photo taken after Several Weeks from the 1st Shunt:

<---This Photo shows the same Fibrelos Basketball Tumor several weeks after the first ©Pin Prick Shunt; you can see how much in size it's decreased; the red dots are where each shunt was placed and where the drain was a success.  It still took some time to completely drain it, as it should have been done by a Physician; our Founder did a great job.

One Lucky Connecticut Woman has Doctors that Reacted to Her Tumor:

     In April of 2018, you will see the similarity in the Fibrelos Tumor and the Ovarian Tumor that was removed.  While this is not connected to our Fibrelos Study, the similarities is incredible in size, looks, and shape as to The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.  

      The similarities of The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is interesting; especially in the "Shine & Shimmer" of the upper layers of skin.  The same is with this Tumor in the CNN Report, but the difference is the Connecticut Woman was treated by a medical team at a hospital in Connecticut, when our Founder was not.  The the full story of this Woman also having a massive type of tumor; how she gets help.  As it is with our Patient's Fibrelos Basketball Tumor, it was fully drained; taking several months. (more photos of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor are above)

Tap photo to see Similar Tumor as the Fibrelos Tumor.   a CNN Report