To The 1st Research Team...

First University-Thank you...

A Professor at this university did a blood clot study that interested our Founder.  She contacted him and he gladly accepted to work on ©The Fibrelos Study.  Throughout the time in October of 2017, once he received ©The Fibrelos Study Samples, he found a comparison to one of the "Mysterious Illnesses" and then decided this study was not something that Wake Forest University would work on.  We invite them to return to ©The Fibrelos Study if they decide to put full effort into our research; they are welcome.  

Explaining Further Regarding to 'Put Full Effort into our Research': 

Due to the complexity of the "Inner-Connection of Many Illnesses", it's not going to be easy to find the right Research fit for The Fibrelos Study.  Because many mysterious illnesses are already set in stone as "We can't touch that...there's already no proof of this or that ...", well, that's why we call it "Research" due to the simplicity of finding the answer.

It's a very easy task to offer help; it's another to follow through with that commitment.  Remembering with Research we can get those answers for everyone; it's in the work where results will be seen.  We look forward to interviewing other Research Candidates.   

Thank you for considering ©The Fibrelos Study.

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