This Section was made in 2018, Now in 2019, it's not happening, but this was happening:

"Fibrelos is Strangling the Neck of Founder"

Diary of the Founder:  Neck

       This was placed here beginning in September of 2018.  I was clearing my throat constantly, then it was really difficult to swallow, painful to talk.  I thought it was a good idea do document everything I was going through.  This is my Diary I wrote to everyone, especially Doctors & Researchers:  "Disturbing as this sounds, it's a reality.  Doctors & Researchers, if you have a moment please review this.  The best way I can reach everyone is through this website and through multimedia form.  Please, I ask you all to take a moment to read this page.  This is more below about the Strangling of my Neck with Fibrelos.  This is My Diary below."

Now it's April of 2019, no more symptoms after releasing of Fibrelos happened.  Please take a moment to see what I went through, as this is my Diary kept only when I could write notes down.  I experienced symptoms of a stroke.  Neck got tight, slam in my head, and no time to waste.  I knew exactly what was happening, then I saved my life.

Fibrelos Tumors in Neck, Symptoms, and Stroke Symptoms:
  • Front, Left, Right Tumors in Neck
  • Swallowing Problems Increasingly Worse at the Beginning of this Neck issue
  • Eating & Drinking before 5pm or I choke all night
  • Ringing in the Ears -Continual
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Voice Changes; Froggy-Sounding
  • Painful to Talk
  • Tightening of the Neck
  • Enlarging Neck Size
  • Breathing was more Difficult
  • At times Feeling like a Flu is beginning; not Feeling well at all
  • Swallowing Food was nearly impossible until 10-15&16-2018- When a Fibrelos Bump on Left side of my Neck was Released

The beginning of my Diary is at the bottom of this page; more current is at the top:

Texture of Tumor is mostly hard with some soft areas, but not as hard as a documented Fibrelos Tumor.  A normal function once tumors are seen by a Physician, is to take biopsies; with a R/O diagnosis of Cancer, as a Medical Professional, I knows this.  However, Kaiser doctors led our Founder down a different path, which is not a normal function of medicine.  It's clear to see the deformities of the neck in these and other photos.  On November 25, 2018, a significant change is documented, plus there's photos with diagrams explaining more.  For now, please look at the history of this.  The ©Pin Prick Shunting is the only way to relieve the pressure; Fibrelos Fluid flowed out with Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Strands then get removed; allowing pressure to decrease, swallowing to get easier, and breathing is easier as well. 

<--(Photo from 11-25-18 redness will leave in next 24-hours) works, is very minimally invasive-no more than 2mm, lots of hours working on drainage, but it works! You can see the difference.  The redness will leave.  Seen in this new photo just taken on November 27, 2018.

Photo from 11-27-18--> 

       It has worked since Kaiser doctors won't touch a diagnosis not under the CDC guidelines, our Founder has saved her own life.  Thank you to Grandpa; who knew one day his little Granddaughter would save lives; he put her through the training that ultimately now, with proof in the photos and documentation, she has found a way to live.  Larger photo below

       Diary:  I will try each day to come here to let everyone know how I'm feeling, any changes, and I will place a photo of my neck & affected areas.  I begin this diary on September 24, 2018.  Please find my Diary at the bottom of this page.  Thank you.

Photos & More Daily History:

<--9-25-28 In the photo to Left, seen directly between the arrows at the neck under the Fibrelos Bump, there's a white line underneath.  This indicates there's a circulatory problem in the area.  Next, where the two (2) circles are, and the other arrow drawn on the shoulder, each area is showing this white difference in skin tone.  See the yellow line?  That's showing a specific area where almost a starting on the Right, the yellow line is circling & showing the 'Sinking Areas' at the base of neck. This specific area is the focal point of 'Tightness' -just one section at the base feeling tighter, the other is at the center of the neck.              -->

Photo Diary begins:  9-25-2018

In the first photo below, circled in yellow is the Right side of her neck.  The arrow points to a few things:  the Fibrelos Tumor, and a 'Fibrelos Neck Ring' - almost like 'ring around the neck', but in a completely different sense.  The Fibrelos has been growing rapidly.  

Looking at the second photo with the pink arrows, the 4-arrows shows the direction of the Fibrelos Neck Ring; you can see the 'Sinking Round Cavity' almost shapes, that's the connection of the upper - which is the Neck, and the lower - which leads to the Heart.  Remember, as seen on the Fibrelos Blood Clot web page, lots of issues with the Heart are also happening - since October of 2017.  

Fibrelos Tumor, Right Side--><--Left Side-Fibrelos Bumps

September 27, 2018:

This is the Center of the Founder's Neck on 9-27-18.  She never had hairs coming out of her neck until this began.   

<--Photo Left:  You know the 'Tingle-Tickle' feeling sometimes Fibromyalgia?  That's what you're seeing here what could be causing it.  This is the top of the skin here is protruding Fibrelos from the inside-to the outside, once removed, no more tickle.  There was a bump, then inside/under the Fibrelos Bump were Fibrelos Strands.  The strands have a distinctive shine - like a rainbow sheen - are on these things, and each strand there, has Fibrelos Content and/or is Fibrelos.  The Tickle-Tingle spoken of is felt at times before/during/after the pain is felt of Fibromyalgia; that information in our Fibrelos Study may be found on our main page...just tap here and it will take you there. 

September 25, 2018

This is the center of her neck 2-days before.  It began as a Fibrelos Bump with green/white center.  She lanced it.  This is what came out; no blood; no fluid; just black clumps, Fibrelos Rock Clots, and Fibrelos Pieces. 

It was 2-days later, after this point, that the Fibrelos came out.  That photo is above on 9-27-2018.

<--In this photo, as well as others seen on this web page, it's easy to see the black dots located at the center of my neck, those are Fibrelos Rock Clots.  The size of this circular pad is approximately 3" x 2", ant it's slightly raise raised possibly 2-4 mm.  The Black Dots/Clump is a cluster of Fibrelos Rock Clots.  Then, to the left of that a little in that same area, and slightly to the left, is a Fibrelos Sliver.  This is the first time this large of a Fibrelos Sliver has been seen.  At the touch, it is a strong as a wood sliver. To learn more information about Fibrelos Rock Clots, please click here...

       Once I saw the Fibrelos Bump there, which consisted of a whitish/green soft center, she did a ©Pin Prick Shunt, and it was drained.  No blood or Fibrelos Fluid came out.  Only Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Strands, and a new sighting of Fibrelos Sliver product came out.  This was all mentioned to Kaiser Specialty and Kaiser General Practitioner, yet denial was there.  Kaiser, this was really happening, f.y.i.

Photos & More

Seen in this photo to the left, the neck is not seemingly as normal: the neck has three (3) lumps shown; two (2) are more visible from this angle. 

I have a very small neck, and tried to inform Kaiser Physicians both GP & Specialty that my neck is very small.  This photo is showing the right side of my neck, where you can see the Fibrelos Tumor sticking out.     

Noticing 1st Swallowing Problems/Changes & Notifying Kaiser

<--This is the 1st shunt of the neck in the early hours of 9-7-2018; headache, swallowing issues were getting worse.  I thought it might have been a real bad sore throat just getting worse; but that was not the case at all.  The location of a Fibrelos Bump was noted and a ©Pin Prick Shunt was used to prick the bump at the base of the neck.  Also, there's a large Fibrelos Tumor at the base of the neck on the right side.  After the first prick, this Fibrelos Blood Clot Cluster flowed out, as seen in the photo to the left (this is showing the combination of Fibrelos Rock Clots plus Fibrelos Blood Clots).  As the Fibrelos Bump located directly on this large Fibrelos Tumor, it was a perfect area to relieve the pressure felt.  Keeping in mind, the pressure was also on the left side.  After the shunt was done, many Fibrelos Blood Clots, Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Fluid, and Fibrelos Strands came out.  Swallowing was easier, but it still was not enough to ease my mind that everything was alright, so I made an appointment with my General Practitioner at Kaiser.  

       Azithromycin was prescribed for an 'Ear Infection'.  However, when I originally made the appointment, I stated to Kaiser Appointment Center there's possible Tumors in the front & right side of my neck.  I never complained of ear pain or any symptoms for that matter, of an ear infection.  My doctor stated when she looked inside my ear canal, she saw a "Dull Look" of the inside of my left ear; as doctor indicated it should be more 'Shinny'.  So I took the medicine.  After taking it's course, I called Kaiser indicating I possibly needed either more Azithromycin, or something else because nothing had changed, and my swallowing was getting worse.  I was prescribed the same Azithromycin for another 5-days.

     Not getting relief and getting worse, once again, I contacted Kaiser; telephone appointment was made; providing another appointment in the office that day of September 25, 2018.  The fill-in doctor indicated that yes, the neck seemed to have enlarged glandular zones, as well as other deformities, and called in a Head & Neck Specialty in for a consult.  I was provided an appointment that day several miles away.  Head & Neck gave nothing more but a funny thing/scope camera down my nose with a numbing agent; indicating that everything looked okay to him, and to follow up with my General Practitioner.  However, my General Practitioner is out of the office until October 1, 2018.  More details may be seen below in the Founder's 'Daily Diary' located below.

Photograph Diary from November 30 to December 1, 2018:

These photos are from the new Fibrelos Bump that was first seen on November 30, 2018.  Entrance with the ©Pin Prick Shunt was .50mm.  Seen in the Diary notes for that date, you'll see the Fibrelos Bump in it's entirety prior to entrance; looking like a large pimple.  The photos below show the Fibrelos Rock Clots flowing out extensively.  The pressure on the inside of the neck led to once again, swallowing issues, that although were minimal, it was noticed.  It feels like a sliver or something is inside the neck pushing on the inside.  But still the pressure on the left side was building up.  

The Fibrelos Strands growing inside the layers of tissue; under the epidermis; as a description of the Fibrelos Strands in the Neck at this stage: 

Inside the neck, and all throughout the tissue inside, the Fibrelos Strands grow; spreading all throughout the inside of the Neck & collect the Fibrelos Rock Clots over time.  More Fibrelos Strands grow, then Fibrelos Tangles occur; building the Fibrelos Rock Clots & Fibrelos Tumors.  The process continues over and over; layer upon layer of tissue then begin to build with multiple & extensive amounts of Fibrelos Strands tangling (similar to a ball of yarn tangling & knotting up), then building in size to form Fibrelos Tumors.  The Fibrelos Rock Clots build in size creating Fibrelos Rock Clot Mini-Tumors.   

Fibrelos Strands Look:

Seen in Photo #2 below, you'll see there's something that looks like hair, but it's actually the response of the amount of Fibrelos activity going on under the layers of skin.  On the top of the epidermis, a large bunch of very fine hair is growing on the neck that's been happening over the past few months.  This began once the first notice in August of 2018 of the Fibrelos Tumors in the neck were felt and seen.  

1st Photo below: Entrance shows the shape of the Fibrelos Tumor; see the white then reddish color...that's the size of the Fibrelos Tumor.  However, it's connected as seen in this diagram, it's clear to see there's almost a shape in the skin of an embossing of a wavy lined~shape at the blue arrows; then it connects at the top & bottom to the other pre-entered Fibrelos Bump below the new Fibelos Bump.  

2nd Photo below: It's visible to see the 'Squiggle Shape' of the Fibrelos Strands on the top of the skin.  All around the Fibrelos Tumor, lots of the Fibrelos Strands grow even more; creating almost a mountain of Fibrelos Strands. 

3rd Photo:  This Fibrelos Cluster with Fibrelos Strands were causing pain; like a sliver was pushing on the inside of my neck. More Fibrelos Tangles are wrapped around underneath, and causing more discomfort plus swallowing issues are present.  The white part of the surrounding Fibrelos Tumor shows the mountain of Fibrelos Tumors underneath; yet it can't be seen unless the contents are removed; such as what's happening here.

Daily Diary:

Date:  December 9, 2018:  Symptoms Swallowing & Voice Changes:  

Better with decreased pressure, areas where there was a large amount of Fibrelos activity, now is showing signs of change for the better.  My voice still has intermittent changes; some froggy-sound, sometimes my voice somewhat almost returns back to normal.  In this photo to the right, the 2-bumps at the base of ---> the neck in the center began growing some time in 2016/2017.  But I didn't notice anything different with voice changes, pain, just in photos it can be seen.  Just above that is a slightly protruding area that was pushing on my vocal chords creating my voice to be frog-like and it hurt to swallow beginning in Septembert of 2018.

Date:  November 30, 2018:  New Tumor: 

Bump & Tumor found on the left side of my neck.  This looks like a pimple, as anyone would think by the looks, it could even be a cyst.  Not at all; and inside, as photos will show, it's just the opposite of what anyone would think once what's inside comes out.  

The blue arrows point to the continual shape that starts at the top of the photo, then travels down to the bottom. This is an continual connection; as it has a squiggle shape, then connects the new Fibrelos Bump, it continues downward and connects another previously entered Fibrelos Bump.  This is showing a portion of the 'Strangling of Neck with Fibrelos Strands'.  

Voice & Swallowing:  Each day the positioning of the Fibrelos Strands, Fibrelos Rock Clots, and Fibrelos Fluid changes; sometimes giving me the chance to have a somewhat normal voice; sometimes I can sing-but singing is very painful.  Pressure continues to build, but only if the Fibrelos products are removed; allowing more space inside the neck areas to flow.  Food gets stuck in the esophagus, which is painful.  Today is 12-2-2018, although removal of parts of the new Fibrelos Tumor have been done, it still isn't enough to provide a clearance for food to travel efficiently and smoothly.  

Shedding of the Tumor:  Flecks of excess falls out through the epidermis; looking almost like a 'Whitish Flake'.  See in this diagrammed photo, the white specks, that's the 'Shedding'.  Because the neck only has so much space inside, this is a defense mechanism that has been happening throughout the neck's surface.  Doctors would probably diagnose this as 'Dry Skin' or 'Psoriasis'.  Even using a good soap to wash it off, it sticks mostly, then over a period of a few days, it'll fall off. 

Date:  November 27, 2018:  Showing the 'Healing' of the removal on 11-24-18 is now showing less redness, more shapely, and less symptoms.  Swallowing is at 95%; still having some difficulty, but nothing like what was happening in September of 2018; it's a totally different feeling.  Stroke symptoms-I still get headaches, that tells me the MRI is now needed to show the activity going on.

Date:  November 25, 2018: This is a better day; see the photo here with diagrams as I show you the extensive changes in my neck.  I now can eat without the worry of possibly needing to go to the e.r. for surgery to get the food down into my stomach, my breathing is normal without pain, swallowing is nearly normal-some issues, and I can talk without extensive pain, and an absolutely wonderful thing...I can sing again!  The ©Pin Prick Shunt works!  The biggest thing is patience, time, and having faith that my strong will to live, survival is virtue.  I say this to every doctor that has a Patient coming in with swallowing issues; before you diagnose them with ALS ~ a common diagnosis for swallowing issues, take a look at what has been done here.  Although mostly back to normal, more time is still needed to get the residue of the Fibrelos Rock Clot Mini-Tumors out of the sections of my neck that's still there.  Overall, an extreme success.  The redness is due to a ©Pin Prick Shunt that was 18-hours prior to this photo.  It takes about 48-hours for more healing time; as the color usually goes back to normal in a short time.  There's more photos and information on the  Fibrelos Rock Clots page.  I will add more photos in the next few days.  

Date:  October 29, 2018:  I felt so happy; not only was I now able to speak, some of the 'froggy-sound' in my voice only comes back intermittently.   Almost back to a somewhat normal neck. 

Stroke Symptoms

Revealing the Fibrelos Stroke Symptoms

Date:  October 23, 2018:  I told my Kaiser Doctor in September that I was having this issue of swallowing; that my neck was getting seemingly larger in some places; but she wasn't hearing me.  As my Kaiser Doctor thinks since Fibrelos isn't on the CDC website, that it isn't life threatening; so she ignored me.  She then orders a 'Swallowing Test' for me, yet there's no appointments until this date.  Of course, by this date, my swallowing had returned to near normal, so they won't see anything with the contrast specialty scan.  That was the case; nothing was there anymore due to the Fibrelos Blood Clots, Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Strands, and Fibrelos Fluid all coming out on October 16, 2018, so of course nothing seems abnormal.  Yet she wasn't there that date, I was.  

Looking back on this diary history that I've written, it's clear to see there's some bad treatment by the Kaiser entities; that with my documentations this does happen.  This could happen to another patient; a Stroke could be happening and be missed out on due to this bad treatment.  This is what I fear; what if the same thing happens to someone else?  We see how I have been treated throughout the years; ignored; passed over; let down.  I fear for the sake of all patients that if we don't get this Fibrelos Study into the capacity it needs to be, more lives could be in possible direction of Stroke, Heart Attacks, Heart Palpitations missed out due to the appropriate studies being in place to follow up on all of these symptoms.

Date:  October 16, 2018 At about 4:15am, I started getting dressed to leave, then at 4:30, I got out.  Here's more about that: 

At about 1:30am into the next day, this will be one hour into trying to stop the flow; yet there was so much inside that needed to come out, and it wasn't stopping (see the notes from October 15, 2018 for a better bottom page to top.) 

The blood clots were very thick, long strands of about 20" long; looked like when a candle is dripping, and the wax flows over, and over the other wax; and it was that thick as well.  Still the flow was steady; but I couldn't go through a possible stroke; who was going to save me.  Soon I felt that the "Fibrelos Tumor" was turning into a "Fibrelos Stroke" as the blood was also flowing out with the Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Blood Clots, and lots of Fibrelos Rock Clots were coming out as well.

4:30am:  After trying to stop the flow of everything, holding pressure for nearly three (3) hours, there was nothing more I could do but go to the emergency room.  The good thing is that yes, I was having a stroke.  The hairs on the back of my neck rose, the tingles, the exact pain that Mom explained was actually happening to me as well.  I didn't make the doctor there very happy walking in with a towel saturated with blood clots, and that was what was in the towel; the blood stopped flowing, but the Fibrelos Blood Clots along with Fibrelos Fluid with Fibrelos Rock Clots were spewing out with Fibrelos Strands.  The doctor put 2-stitches in my neck, and I was now in a better direction with eating, breathing, yet the doctor refused to allow an MRI.  This would have shown the Stroke Activity.  I saved my life, and that is the most important thing.

Date:  October 15, 2018:  Pressure is building; headache won't leave; neck is filling more with what feels like a 'Fibrelos Tumor' similar to the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor that I suffered from in 2015.  I am a person that loves life; loves animals; saves spiders when they're in the house making it their own; I am a beautiful person, and I'm feeling like this could be the end.  One thing that Mom told me is, "Keep going no matter what; and most important, don't look back...".  I keep telling myself this as the pressure builds so bad, that the swallowing was at about 75% - gone.  I could squeeze food down, but it would get stuck in the esophagus.  Because this is the part of the alimentary canal that connects the throat to the stomach; there's big possibility of some real trouble happening if the food won't go down.  We're talking about a muscular type tube lined with mucous membrane, and lots of issues were traveling inside my mind of possible surgery to actually remove food if it got stuck.  I was eating mostly thin soups, soft items, and took very small bites of everything.  

With the intense head pressure at the back top crown, then radiating to my left ear-mostly centered on the left side, it was when I could feel the hair on the back of my neck tingle; something I've never felt before.  It was then I discovered I was headed for a stroke.  

I began in the mid-afternoon; just relieving a small amount of fluid and slight amount of Fibrelos Blood Clots and several Fibrelos Rock Clots came out as well.  I used the ©Pin-Prick Shunt method; going in at 1/4mm; just touching/at the side of the neck away from the main arteries; staying away from any main connections to those arteries.  I waited for about 20-minutes to see if any pressure build up would flow with that slight shunt; nothing happened, so I continued with another 1/4mm.  Flow began at that point; with the maneuvering of the Fibrelos Strands; I had to get that out of the way and unclog the Fibrelos Strands & Fibrelos Rock Clots.  Once that was done, flow did begin.  First it was Fibrelos Fluid that eased out slightly with small Fibrelos Strands & Fibrelos Rock Clots.  That was for the next 1.5 hours.  Then I took a break for about 4.5-hours; as with any Fibrelos procedure; time is of the essence. 

You can't enter the Fibrelos Bump with any type of cutting method; it must be a gradual process using the ©Pin Prick Shunt.  Also, due to the positioning of Fibrelos Strands in the neck it's a more fine texture in the neck; much different than legs or chest.  

I went back in; and it was beginning to flow out.  It was about 10:00pm when the flow began.  That was beginning the Fibrelos Blood Clots at a very fair pace; not too fast, and many clots were flowing out.  The pressure was gradually leaving my neck.  The headache was about 50% gone, but the head was still hurting steadily.  I felt like maybe things will be just fine, and I just might be getting close to a normal neck again.  That was wishful thinking. 

Date:  October 7, 2018:  After I drained the Fiberlos Bump, my voice came back a little.  Then I drained it a second time, and my voice came back intermittent in-between the sounding like a frog, my voice is a bit better.  The only issue is I don't like draining this stuff; there must be some smart people out there to assist with placing this under a microscope and doing a simplistic review.  When black particles come out of your body, that's not good.  It still hurts to talk, but I make due with what I have.  My head still is hurting.  I just had the 'Headache Slam' - feel like sharp pains for a short moment or two, then gone, but a lingering slight pressure still there.  

Date:  October 6, 2018:  

I received a call from some division of Kaiser; indicating my Kaiser Doctor scheduled a 'Swallowing Test' for me.  That's nice.  September 14, 2018 to October 6, 2018, I mentioned it was getting hard to swallow, and nearly a month later I at least get this.  Still no MRI, Ultra Sound, or other X-Ray type study.  And my head still hurts; an MRI of the head needs to happen.

Date:  October 1, 2018:

Just spoke with my Kaiser Doctor; she was over an hour late in calling me, but at least she called.  She denied an MRI or any specialty testing for my neck.  She doesn't believe that Fibrelos exists.  Guess if I keep getting sicker & this continues to strangle me, I will die.  Happy Monday, everyone.

Date:  September 30, 2018:  

Swallowing is still difficult, but a little relieved as last night I went into the neck shunt and removed some of the Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Rock Clot Slivers, and some Fibrelos Fluid came out, but nothing else came out.  I have a telephone appointment with my Kaiser Personal Physician tomorrow, hoping she will help me out a little. 

Date:  September 29, 2018:

Morning notes 11:00am:   Today I feel 'Fluish'; almost like I have a similar sickness as maybe a flu.  I also feel dizzy; extremely sleepy.  My head has pressure top to center-internal, then more pressure is at back of head centralized and then more pressure left side of head.  I'm typing this, and I must be well enough to spell supercalifragilisticexpialidotious...right?  Had to make everyone laugh a little, and I want to share something with everyone: no matter how your day is going, no matter what you're going through, always remember to smile: it helps to keep positive.

         As humiliating as it may appear or not appear, I am extremely embarrassed that I have to show photos of myself to help the medical community further understand my symptoms.  Kaiser has known of my Fibrelos symptoms since July 1, 2015, and I've only been getting worse.  One very sad thing is both Kaiser doctors on 9-25-2018, told me not to sing.  It's very painful to actually even try to sing, by the way.  But from age 9 I've been singing.  I can't lose my voice.

       Last night, releasing through the shunt, into this morning, as usually 6-10 hours later change should show, and it does show a slight change in the center of my neck surrounding the shunt area ~ a decrease in size.  Pressure has decreased slightly.  I still have a bit of ringing in the ear - left side as mentioned on 9-14-2018 to my regular doctor.  It's only intermittent, and has been intermittent only.

       4:40pm:  I finally can take a breath without straining, as the last few days have been little stressed with that.  

       By the way, I've mentioned all of these symptoms to Kaiser, my Kaiser Doctor, Kaiser Nurses, and Kaiser Member Services-Expedited Review (72-hour urgency ends at 5:30pm PST on Monday, October 1, 2018).  As I mentioned on 9-26-18 notes, I had to file an issue regarding not getting an MRI, proper medication, and no further specialty appointments for any department at Kaiser.  I now will be filing another issue, requesting a 2nd opinion.

Lunch/Dinner at 3:43pm:  I had my first potato chips with my tuna sandwich.  The first problem.  The second got caught somewhere going down my throat, but the other three (3) were okay.  Think I'll stop at four (4) chips to play it safe.  

       At about 3:00pm, I had my voice back a little better than this morning.

Date:  September 28, 2018:

       Today I seem to feel a little better:  swallowing is easier but fluctuating, breathing only occasional shallowness, voice still strained.  I was able to eat something past 5pm, drinking became painful as of 8:00pm.  Later in the evening I went in the center neck shunt to relieve neck pressure happening.    

taken on 9-28-2018 -

Diagrams:  At the Pink Arrows, Fibrelos Rock Clots and Fibrelos Mini-Tumors vividly shown: largest was .75mm in length, .25mm in width/oval like.  Others fell out onto chest.  Diagrams:  At the Blue Arrows, small Fibrelos Rock Clots & Fibrelos Rock Clot/Slivers are also seen around the rim.

Date:  September 27, 2018:

       Today my voice came back slightly, but pain with swallowing, shallow breathing at times, eating & drinking is limited still painful swallowing food & tea/juice before 5pm. 

Then, if I didn't have enough going on with my health, challenges, tomorrow as well has challenges.  Since I'm it, I must be there.        

Date:  September 26, 2018: 

       Today I had no choice but to state issue to Kaiser regarding the medical diagnosis, prescription issues.  

Date:  September 25, 2018:

       Made a 'Telephone Appointment', and was contacted by a substitute Physician at Kaiser as my Doctor was not available.   This Physician; very nice, very attentive, and concerned, so she booked an in-office appointment for 1:30pm today.  At the appointment, as I have normally low Blood Pressure (BP) and Pulse (P) as this is my normal---> '110/70 BP & P 65-72', today my BP was 185/139 & P=91.  This shows areas of concern.  After the nurse took my vitals, I mentioned my regular doctor wanted me to have an EKG several months ago, maybe the 1st of the year, yet wasn't done.  I told her to please do this today-tell the doctor I'm seeing today.  Unfortunately, for whatever reason, my reminder left no concern for the EKG to take place, and it slipped my thoughts, because I'm the sick one and forgot.  The Physician was, as I mention very graceful and pleasant, just want to say that a 2nd time, because niceness to me goes a long way.  She had area of concern regarding my neck/throat, so she consulted w/Head & Neck Specialty: scheduling me for 4:30pm appointment at another Kaiser. 

Head & Neck Consult:  Nothing remarkable medically w/internal nose scope/camera.  Noticing neck deformities externally, he recommended any MRI or special requests should be made by my regular doctor.  Leaving me with the direction to contact my own doctor to further treatment: a medically unsound decision on his part, because my regular doctor doesn't return to work until Monday, October 1, 2018.  Note:  Both doctors never mentioned if my symptoms got worse to go to the E.R., nothing was said at all, but I knew to go if things changed.

Date: September 24, 2018:

Today is a bad day.  My voice, as it hurts to talk majority is excruciating; taking extreme effort.  Eating is painful; massaging food & drink to go down; eating took over 1.5 hours.  My head hurts; weird hurting, different than any headache I've ever had.

       Neck Note:  Due to the swallowing issue, and I actually know what's causing this, I went into a bump that was on my neck in the center.  The bump had a green/white center as the size of this Fibrelos Bump was approximately 2mm x 2mm.  A ©Pin Prick Shunt was started.  After a few hours, black Fibrelos Rock Clots came out - some of the larger ones that I've seen.  Also a Fibrelos Sliver-Rock Clot came out of the shunt, but sunk back into the tissue.  No Fibrelos Strands came out, but a small Fibrelos-partial Strand possibly 1/32" came out on the tool.  My presumption is the reason for minimal Fibrelos Strand to release is due to the extensive Black Rock Clots that I can see in the shadows of the photos I took.  My head still hurts.  The only relief at this point is to gradually remove the internal contents of these Fibrelos Bumps, get the Rock Clots & other Fibrelos Strands out that can be seen, but must be left alone due to the location in the neck.

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