The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor

A Fibrelos Patient Story:

The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor

The photos below show the Fibrelos Tumor.  There is a comparison to this where the person was assisted by a medical team at a hospital in Connecticut: see the full story of another Woman going through this massive type of tumor; how she gets help, yet our Patient received nothing.  Seen here, our Patient wasn't that lucky.  She tried to get help, but no doctor would help her.  She uses a special method of 'Shunting' called a ©Pin Prick Shunt to not only relieve the pressure, but do an entire drain system exclusive to The Fibrelos 

These photos are of a "Fibrelos Basketball Tumor" on the back of  our Founder's Left Leg on January 3, 2015. 



This is the same photo without the diagram that's located to the Left of your screen-->

This Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is what she asked the Vascular Surgeon to assist with.  This was a Tumor that needed care.  The location of this Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is approximately one inch above the back of the knee.  Sitting was nearly impossible for a long time.  And let's not discuss the extreme difficulty in using the toilet without falling off each time.  This Patient's Primary Physician refused to treat her any further due to her "Specialty Care" for this "Fibrelos" sickness.

After Several Weeks from the 1st Shunt:

<---This Photo shows the same Fibrelos Basketball Tumor several weeks after the first set of ©Pin Prick Shunt; you can see how much in size it's lowered; the red dots are where each shunt was placed and where the drain was a success.   It still took some time to completely drain it, as it should have been done by a Physician; our Founder did a great job.

One Lucky Connecticut Woman has Doctors that Reacted to Her Tumor:

     In April of 2018, you will see the similarity in the Fibrelos Tumor and the Ovarian Tumor that was removed.  While this is not connected to our Fibrelos Study, the similarities is incredible in size, looks, and shape as to The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor.  

      The similarities of The Fibrelos Basketball Tumor is interesting; especially in the "Shine & Shimmer" of the upper layers of skin.  The same is with this Tumor in the CNN Report, as it is with our Patient's Fibrelos Basketball Tumor. (more photos of the Fibrelos Basketball Tumor are above)

Tap photo to see Similar Tumor as the Fibrelos Tumor.   a CNN Report

The Fibrelos Elephant Leg

A Fibrelos Patient-our Founder Story:

The Fibrelos Elephant Leg

Fibrelos Fluid Build Up is Painful; So is our Founder's Story:

     Seen in the photos, showing the fluid built up in her legs, she needed to get help fast.  Her Personal Physician referred to a Vascular Surgeon.  She was getting the hopes that she won't have this "Fibrelos Basketball Tumor" on her left leg about 1"-above the back of her knee-not sexy at all, painful and dangerous trying to sit-on anything. The sad thing is, although her ideas would later prove she was right, this Vascular Surgeon wasn't listening to her regarding leg problems.  She told him of the Fibrelos Study; explaining to him in the symptoms, it clogs up veins, capillaries, and arteries.  But he turned her down on the simple fact that he had no idea what she was talking about.  She was on a walker and using a cane to walk: knowing this disabled her incredibly, through our Patient's accounting of symptoms, the Surgeon says 'No'.  Continuing to indicate the only way for relief was a "Shunt Drain" to release the fluid; asking him to look at it under a microscope; as answers could help her; he still turns her down.

These photo show from early 2015, the "Fibrelos Fluid Buildup" is at a very dangerous stage. Desperate for relief, Patient did a simple ©Pin Prick Shunt to worked.  However, as the shunt began, only fluid came out These two photos show Fibrelos Elephant Leg, as seen in the photo to the Right, that's the simple ©Pin-Prick Shunt Drain. The Fibrelos Fluid is flowing; decreasing the pressure & pain.    

Specific to Fibrelos symptoms is the type of fluid.  With the symptoms, Fibrelos Fluid build up is painful yet with Fibrelos symptoms, it's not caused by water retention; it's caused by Fibrelos Tangles/Fibrelos Rock Clots/Fibrelos Rock Clots Mini Tumor  Blockage.  In May of 2018, the  Fibrelos Blood Clots didn't flow out right away due to blockages cause by Fibrelos Rock Clots tangling around Fibrelos Strands; creating a back pressure. The only way flow can continue is to lift Fibrelos Strands from the shunt area assisting the flow. Fibrelos Fluid is very sticky; almost like a molasses texture; is clear to at times yellowish/light brown in color. In the photo above, the  Fibrelos Blood Clots are floating in a water filled petri dish that were placed in it from the leg shunt.   

     Keeping in mind our bodies are designed with only so much space inside; once Fibrelos Tangles increases in size, they fuse together, wrapping around anything & everything; creating a type of protective skin.  This by example is  Fibrelos Blood Clots; finding the water doesn't break up or dissolve the clots; when usually when a clot of blood drops into water, it breaks: yet not the case with Fibrelos Blood Clots .  Seen in the photo above, the Fibrelos Blood Clots are actually holding strong together: floating in water unbroken.

Looking Back...

November 23, 2018:

     Looking back remembering the beginning of the Fibrelos Study, first piecing it all together with the similar symptoms; it's Lyme Disease. but Fibromyalgia has majority of the same symptoms, as to with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome's symptoms.  Then advancing with documentation & photos, there's no change with our inner-connections.  One thing that has changed, as in 2009, once any Doctor heard the someone had continual symptoms of Lyme Disease, the average person was pushed out the door.  Now, with so many people having these symptoms, the medical world understands there's something bigger out there going on much larger than a tick bite.

       Even with extreme sickness, Doctors turn her down for treatment.  Her Mother was there, with her at doctors appointments; as Mom was sitting right there with her each time; she was saddened to see her Daughter suffering, but she became the Fibrelos Research Assistant.  Bringing ideas, information, and contacting different locations to obtain help. 

       Now, more than ever, the Fibrelos Study is reaching the medical world; doctors are now understanding there's something else in the world going on besides a tick bite.  Seen at the bottom of this page, a showing of a "Tick Look-A-Like" that could lead anyone worried about a tick in their environment to see the similarity.   

Fibrelos Symptoms List":

     1.   Fluid - The fluid component in Fibrelos Fluid grows increasingly larger over time as the Fibrelos continue to grow, so does the fluid forming around the affected zones.  

     2.   Fibrelos Tangles:  As the Fibrelos continues to grow, it creates a specific type of inflammatory process due to several different factors; one of them is the space in the body being filled with ever-growing Fibrelos.  This inflammation creates pain & pressure in the affected Fibrelos areas for the Patient.  With this inflammation, it adds to the pressure also cause by Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Rock Clots, and possible  Fibrelos Blood Clots could also be a factor of the Fibrelos Tangles.  Once the Fibrelos product(s) get to a capacity, pain may then begins, which may affect the Patient. 

     3.  Fibrelos Rock Clots:  The small Fibrelos Rock Clots are found on the Fibrelos itself, as well as in the tissue, veins, and floating in the blood stream causing Fibrelos Blood Clots.  This increases pain, pressure, and danger depending on where the Fibrelos Clots are located.  One patient as mentioned, is experiencing 'Heart Palpitations'.   This isn't good at all.  If we weren't doing this study, and this wasn't happening to the Patient, we may not have learned that "Fibrelos Clots" may possibly cause pressure enough to feel like the Patient is having a "Heart Attack". 

     4.  Fibrelos Blood Clots:  Fibrelos Strands continuously grow, this is based on activity noted by the Founder.  As the Fibrelos grows throughout the body, it tangles around different sections of the body including our blood vessels, veins, tissue, possibly bones, and possibly organs as well.  When Fibrelos enters the blood stream, it comes with a 'Punch' to the body's blood flow.  Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Tangles, and Fibrelos Fluid increasingly puts more havoc by decreasing blood flow even more.  

       With The Fibrelos Study, more information is now available to Doctors; giving more possibilities in diagnosing.  If we help one person by our inner-connections of The Fibrelos Study & Mysterious Symptoms/illnesses; that's a beginning.  #ConsiderFibrelos  

       Fibrelos Study's Symptoms List are notes that have been taken for 18-years by the Founder.  This information may help Hospitals, Doctors, and all Practitioners diagnose Patients with Fibrelos illnesses.  By understanding these new medical findings here, getting it right for the Patient is the goal.  Learning about the Fibrelos Tumor here.

Not A Tick, But Looks Like It...

Below you see some similarities in a possible Tick, yet they aren't Ticks at all...these are Fibrelos Mini Tumors.  The diagram below also shows a Fibrelos Rock Clot up close; it could also look like a Tick underneath the top layers of skin, yet it's a Fibrelos Mini Tumor. 

Here's a Few Fibrelos Strands Removed from the Body

As we know now, the Fibrelos Strand is something that has been found in the Human Body.  Our Fibrelos Study needs further research for many aspects.  Please send a note, as below we have a "Contact Us Form" that we would love to hear what you could offer in Research Specialty.  Please send us a note today.  Thank you.

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