Is Breast Cancer & Heart Attacks Possibly Linked to Fibrelos? 

     More information is available here and throughout The Fibrelos Study website regarding the possibility of Fibrelos linking Cancer symptoms plus findings to our inner-connections of 'Facts-Features-Symptoms' of Fibrelos exposure.  

      Let's now take a look at the photos below where you can see the "Tangling of Fibrelos".  This Fibrelos Bundle was removed with the use of the Pin Prick Shunt from the location just 2" above the Right Breast of this Patient at her upper chest area.  This was one 

of the samples that our Founder sent to the University for further study in October of 2017.  Seen above the blue cloth, there's the same bundle of Fibrelos Tangles  The diagram here explains a little more about what we're referring to.  Please understand there's thousands of Fibrelos Strands in this one photo. 

      In the body, this begins it's own formations, movements, and takes each area of the body over that it stays in; creating Fibrelos Tangles that create not only Fibrelos Bumps you can see on the surface, but below; underneath, there could be Fibrelos Tumors beginning.  As you see above, there's a diagram discussing this.  It's also located in the Fibrelos Tangles System explanation as well, just tap the photos above, or click here. 

      This specific bundle took several hours to remove; patiently trying to remove the heart palpitations the Patient was having.  The 'Pigments' are something Doctors should concentrate on when someone complains of 'Heart Palpitations'.  This is where we were able to decrease the pressure, pain, and the palpitations as mentioned below.        The removal of "Dry Fibrelos" is to be further researched.  These are the notes providing to just give a brief history.  Removing Fibrelos takes a specific understanding how to do it, and it's very painful most of the time:  Please we ask you don't do this yourself, our information is specifically for our notes purpose only.   

You will see photos of one of our Patient's Right Breast Mammogram, and the harsh reality pointing to many possible "Questionable Diagnoses" pertaining to "Cystic Breasts", "Lumpy Breasts", "Fibrous Breasts", and even possibly "Breast Cancer".

Photo to Right---> 

This is "Dry Fibrelos" that was being removed from our Patient's right chest about 2" above her breast.  Fibrelos Strands could strangle any organ, artery, or any part of the body it wraps itself around.  The strength to pull the Fibrelos out with the 'Dry Method' is unimaginable; it has a worrisome composition stating clear that wherever it goes, there's no question that it will be causing an extreme situation in all areas of the body. 

1st Fibrelos Breast Attack: Pressure Bruise

Right Breast on:

August 21, 2016

See photos of the August 21, 2016 & August 22, 2017 "Fibrelos Bump", "Fibrelos Breast Attacks" below.

This Pressure Bruise showed up...but even after 2-Mammograms, the Radiologists still didn't see the Fibrelos, but it's the White Fibrous Product lit up in the Mammogram photo below.  Due to more education needed to diagnose Fibrelos in Mammograms, MRI's, and Ultra Sounds, the Doctors are missing a very important

diagnostic tool in assisting them with proper diagnosing Fibrelos Activity in their Patients.

                   The Photo to the Right--->  

This is the beginning of a Fibrelos Bump, but it could also just be a red rash style, it could also just be a simple bump with no center, or could also show black or blue pigment dots on the top layer of skin.  (This is a photo similar to the one Patient's Right Breast before entry into the affected Fibrelos area.)  A red-rash look as seen topical here, can also be found in the surrounding tissues in the center of the Fibrelos Bump.  This means that Fibrelos Strands will be lifted through the White Center, along with Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Rock Clots and could possibly lead to further infections.  Doctors build the questions in Diagnosing many skin disorders that we've actually inner-connected the 'Mysterious Diagnoses' to Fibrelos Findings.

<---Photo to Left 2016 

This was taken on 8-24-2016.

See the lighted areas in the Mammogram, as we note the areas not only around the breasts' curve, the circle and dot seen, that's the Fibrelos Bump actually shown in the photo above to the right. 

By the way, our Patient took this photo with her cell phone 'Live', while her Mammogram was actually 'In Progress'. 

In this Mammogram photo, it's easy to see the 'White Squiggles' lighting up.  Those are the Fibrelos Strands & Fibrelos Tangles combined with Fibrelos Fluid, Fibrelos Blood Clots that caused this Fibrelos Pressure Bruise seen below in the photo to the right.  Here's an interesting article from the New York Times speaking of exactly what we're speaking of, and a new set of laws were laid into motion.  It's probable more than possible Doctors are not reading radiological scans correctly; or more education in how to detect a tumor in the resulting scans is needed.  Click here to see article. 

Photo to Right---> 

This was taken on  8-21-16: day Patient saw the "Fibrelos Pressure Bruise".  On August 21, 2016, this was what led her to the doctors office for a Mammogram.  

     This Patient has suffered so much pain.  Her Doctor checked; as doctor's do when doing a Breast Exam, one of them had a Bump that was checked a second time with secondary breast diagnosing equipment; still it was dismissed for any further diagnosing.

Yet this Patient is still  experiencing Lumps, Fibrelos Bumps and Fibrelos Blow-Outs of Fibrelos Blood Clots.  Seen the photos on this page, and the Mammogram image, the 'Lighted Squiggles' are the Fibrelos Strands. 

 One Year later, see the '2nd Fibrelos Breast Attack' below...

We have a few photos above and below on this page from August 21, 2016: 1st & 2nd time, she saw the Fibrelos Pressure Bruise & Fibrelos Bump with a whitish center.  We also placed photos below from August of 2017 which coincidentally is one year later: with the same Fibrelos Bruise & Fibrelos Bump in the same area on the Right Breast that we documented in August of 2016.  

2nd Fibrelos Breast Attack: Fibrelos Has a Memory-it Came Back!  The Pressure Bruise Came Back-Same Month-1 Year Later!

Right Breast - One Year Later near exact to the Year Before.  This happened on:

  ~ August 22, 2017  ~

                     This photo to is the beginning; the bump on the Patients Right Breast--->

  <---Photo to Left This is Fibrelos being removed from a Patient's Right Breast. 

Photo to right--->

This shows Fibrelos coming out of this same Right Breast at the cover two days after Fibrelos removal from the Right Breast; as the Fibrelos are protruding through the top of the cover. This indicates a definite Fibrelos Blockage that normally reveals  Blood Clots below the surface.   

<---Photo to Left  This photo was taken on  August  22, 2017.  However, one year ago as noted above, August 21, 2016 was the first day after the Founder of the F.L.D.F. saw a bruise in this exact location on her Right Breast.  The Fibrelos content in her body has only increased. "Heart Palpitations" are slightly relieved once a ©Pin Prick Shunt is done.  But that's only temporary. 

August 22, 2017

This 1st photo to left shows the removal of Fibrelos from a Patient's Right Breast. Visibly seeing the Fibrelos Rock-Clots - nearly Black in color, and stuck to the Fibrelos, plus showing at the opening in this photo.


In this 2nd photo to right--->

 shows a Fibrelos Tangle.  This was the removal of Fibrelos from a Patient's Right Breast.  Taken on August 22, 2017

The 3rd photo here is Fibrelos pulled from a Patient's Right Breast on August 22, 2017The Fibrelos Rock-Clot is very easy to see - stuck to the Fibrelos.  Remember above in August of 2016 the Mammogram, this is the same breast, same area & location was 1/4" difference as shown above.

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