Photo is from October 4, 2017 ~ This is from our Founders upper Right Chest area.  Heart Palpitations decreased once the Fibrelos Strands were removed.  

CDC/Kaiser Unexplained Dermopathy Study:

Kaiser Didn't Listen to the ©Pin Prick Shunt and Free Form Biopsy Information of the FLDF Founder:

 Click here ~ to take you directly to our page 'Kaiser Accepts the Fibrelos Study, then Denies it Due To Founder's illness creating Delay...'  Using Incomplete Conclusions Doesn't Assist with Answers:  Kaiser vs. CDC vs. Mysterious Symptoms     

Kaiser Accepts Fibrelos Study~2009

2000:  The 1st Notice to Kaiser by Founder of 1st Fibrelos Study Symptoms -

History in 2000 - Before Fibrelos Study begins:

      The Fibrelos Study is documenting a specific type of Lyme Disease by our Founder; that was just the beginning.  As she notified her Kaiser Physician in 2000 she had some symptoms, they provided no relief.  This was eight (8) years before the  study began.  She indicated to this Kaiser Doctor she had symptoms with her skin: bumps & black things coming out.
     That's when the Founder had her first "Skin Notification" that Kaiser couldn't Cure".  She just took it for face value that if Kaiser couldn't help her, then she should just "Ignore It and It Will Go Away on It's Own" -that was the statement by her Kaiser Physician ~ thanks, Chris, M.D.

2008 - Neurological, Fibrelos Fluid Increase, & Elephant Legs Begin:

     But then in 2008, she started getting neurological & motor coordination issues, and the fluids build up in her body; as a Medical Professional, she then questioned what her Kaiser Physician said in 2000 -to get used to being sick, because we aren't going to do anything about it.

2009 - Founder of  FLDF Diagnosed with Lyme ~ Specific Test:

     The FLDF Founder  couldn't get any answers from physicians.  Then in 2009, she was tested for  Lyme by her Lyme Specialty Doctor, and it came out positive.  But she wasn't bit by a tick; she just had a bad rash on her arm, as well as suffering from terrible symptoms. 
      While she was looking for a direction what was causing the symptoms, she began doing research.  She called a few large laboratory corporations and spoke with a nice lady at a lab somewhere in Utah.  Trying to get answers, as laboratory personnel sometimes know more than we think, she found someone that mentioned a very important study.  It was Mary, the laboratory personnel in Utah that told her that Kaiser & the CDC were doing this study on "Unexplained Dermopathy". 
     Thinking this new Fibrelos Study information could really help out, she called the head of their study, Dr. Joe Selby, and The Fibrelos Study was accepted.  However, the Founder didn't have everything typed up-as stated above, so although she had her foot in the door, she was 2-days late turning in her Fibrelos Study (at that time, the Fibrelos Study was called 'The Branchworm Study') because she was extremely sick with the symptoms of Fibrelos.  The Fibrelos Study was then rejected by Kaiser due to delay. 
     When the CDC & Kaiser set the beginning and ending time of their study, they stuck to it.  What's the old saying..."One Step Forward and Two Steps Back", that's not nice, Kaiser:  People are Suffering.  

Notifying Kaiser Permanente Research Division in 2009 of The Fibrelos Study:

      As mentioned above, our Founder began having symptoms in the year 2000.  Then in 2009, was so sick she could barely raise her body to get out of bed.  Her Mother (R.I.P. 5-10-2017) began to help her research her symptoms on the internet.  Even though Mom didn't know how to use a computer well, as Mom just got her first computer in 2009- an "HP Desktop-(R.I.P. 10-29-17)", the FLDF Founder taught her over the phone while she was bedridden from Fibrelos Symptoms.   
     It was tiring calling around for help; many laboratory companies not able to help, but that really nice person named Mary: if I didn't speak with her, the Fibrelos Study probably would never have begun.  She was wonderful telling me about the study being done by Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Disease Control (hereinafter the CDC.) .  Tap to go to the "Unexplained Dermopathy" study CDC/Kaiser was doing.
     Unfortunately, she became bedridden and too sick to complete it, but it's here now.
Kaiser Didn't Listen to the Free-Form Biopsy...
The "Punch Biopsy" is the Wrong Way...Founder of FLDF States.  By doing a 'Free-Form Biopsy, it's letting everything Flow Out Completely.  A Punch Biopsy only takes a Surface with Tissue Layers.  Fibrelos Strands have been measureed to be up to 30" - inches long and the 'Free-Form Biopsy is the Only Way to get Everything Out for a Thorough Study.

     Kaiser took the wrong approach when they did the "Biopsies" of the Patients they chose for their Unexplained Dermopathy Study/CDC/Kaiser in January of 2008; a 'Punch Biopsy' was not going to ever get any researcher the proper information regarding what was happening 'Underneath the Skin & Between the Tissue Layers'.  Our Founder contacted Dr. Selby at Kaiser Research Oakland to tell him about the issue with the type of Biopsy he chose to do, but those words weren't heard.  A 'Free-Form Biopsy' should have been done on each Patient; that would have allowed the Kaiser Research Team of Dr. Joseph Selby to see each sample for what it actually was.

Using Incomplete Conclusions Doesn't Help:  Kaiser vs. CDC vs. Mysterious Symptoms:

     Tap here to take you to the 'Kaiser/CDC Unexplained Dermopathy Study'.  The CDC no longer has any information regarding the Unexplained Dermopathy Kaiser/CDC findings in 2012 stating the Kaiser/CDC study was being sent to a division of the Army Medical Hospital, and they removed all information entirely from their website.  

Our ©Natural Flowing Biopsy and Our ©'Prick Shunt'

Kaiser's Downfall with their Unexplained Dermopathy/CDC Study they did, failed in Research in one category to begin with: The Wrong Biopsy was used.  If Kaiser Research would have made a 2-day delay possible, they would have found the 'Biopsy' they did was wrong; possibly millions of people would be receiving proper medicine to rid Fibrelos from their bodies.   

     Explaining the "Prick Shunt' is fairly easy.  The top lay of skin is simply pricked to let fluids & Fibrelos Products flow out naturally.  Above:  This is the ©Pin Prick Shunt releasing Fibrelos Rock Clots, Fibrelos Blood Clots, and fluids.

          For standard "Lyme Disease", you would need to be bit by a "Tick".  Fibrelos is different; it's a Tick Borne Lyme Disease.  I'll further explain. When “Lyme Disease:” was discovered, a testing was developed specifically for the pattern of a Tick-Borne bite from a Tick.  Fibrelos new testing protocol will be easier once testing is developed to diagnose Fibrelos activity in the body.

 The ©Pin Prick Shunt & Natural Flow Biopsy, the Fibrelos Strands, plus Fibrelos blood clots, Fibrelos Fluid, flows naturally.  This is a natural shunt- the ©Pin Prick Shunt assists with fluid drain specimen flow out.  This Patient is still having Lumps, Bumps, and Symptoms of Fibrelos. 

       The Fibrelos Study, from inception in our research, learned we must go to the source of the pain, bump, affected area, and let it flow out 'Naturally'; it's the only way.  Now, below, please keep in mind this is from the notebook of the Founder, she's the one not only doing the study, but she is also sick, she's trying desperately to get help for herself, others, asking to please forgive any repeated information as she's trying to complete a better website; she also wants to give the Public all the information she can to give them hope.  

     There must be Angels in Research; I pray.

October 18, 2018 FounderContacted the CDC

Now that the Fibrelos Study is ready for a full research platform, our Founder contacted the Centers for Disease Control Media Division.  We have extensive & exciting new findings ~ even more than in 2009; when we offered our Fibrelos Study's Findings to Kaiser for the Kaiser/CDC Unexplained Dermopathy Study.

In the hopes that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) might be interested in a more complete package for the Unexplained Dermopathy Study, we are speaking with them regarding our Fibrelos Study Findings.  Please stand by for further possibilities, as we will place all updates regarding our communication with the CDC on this website.

What is Fibrelos?

      Fibrelos has many characteristics.  Usually, Fibrelos is a “Slim-Line” type fiber, although during removal on the Founder's Right Leg many times, either the slim-line Fibrelos were almost fusing together it seemed due to many hundreds if not thousands coming out at one time. 

     Speaking of how we are possibly exposed, the F.L.D.F. feels that the simplest way to be exposed, we believe, is through the "Medication Bottle Cotton", but then later in November of 2015, we learned that the fish we eat contain this stuff in it.  It's called 'Polyethylene".  In October of 2015, one of the ways we figured out exposure was those little cotton blobs medication bottles containing a “Cotton-Like” product inside - but it's not cotton.  This is still our easiest possibly of being exposed: onset of taking medication that has the 'Cotton-Like Product' in the medication bottle. 

The F.L.D.F. must find "Specialty Researchers" to obtain the answers.   

Beginning the "Fibrelos Study":

     When someone finds a new possibility in the medical world, one has to only wonder how they studied this and why, to begin with.  Some of the information you will see in this website plus in the first notes of the Fibrelos Study might be complex, different, as well as Fibrelos should be  extremely interesting to Researchers. 

     The Fibrelos Study began the first direction of investigation trying finding the cause of the Founder's symptoms; this led us to the water.  We did find fibers and other content in the water.  Immediately, the Founder contacted the water company once discovering this. 

    The water company reassured having the "Highest Filtration Systems", and that no such fibers or content could be in the water.  This was early in our study in 2009.  

    We then contacted U.C. Davis onset of further findings, and they weren't interested in looking into it.  But as we now can see; with the findings in our Fibrelos Study and this U.C. Davis Study, there's even more to learn about why Polyethylene seems to have so many similarities.

Dry Fibrelos 4-Months Exposed to Air, Still Survives

     One thing that we've learned through different study techniques, we've discovered that Fibrelos can and has survived over four (4) months "Outside the Body"-Dry Study of Fibrelos.  This proves one thing, that Fibrelos lives both inside and outside the body.  To survive, Fibrelos doesn't need to be contained in the body.  From June of 2017 to October of 2017 we let Fibrelos sit in a petri dish.  Then in October 2017, we dropped it in water.  It not only had oxygen bubbles all around the Dry Fibrelos, it still had movements if it was removed from the body.