Fibrelos ~ '101' 

We started our Research Beginning with the Water in 2009.  We gave Fibrelos Briefing to U.C. Davis Scientists. 

Then U.C.Davis finds Polyethylene Particles in their Fish Study beginning in 2010...  

In U.C. Davis Research News:

Polyethylene/Clothing in our Fish Researched by U.C. Davis in 2010-just after FLDF Founder Brings Fibrelos to Professor at U.C. Davis in 2009:  U.C. Davis' Polyethylene in Fish Research Documents in November 2015 that Polyethylene & Fibers are Found in Fish we Eat:

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      When we think of "Poly-Based Product", "Polyester Fabric/Fabrication", "Polyethylene Product", "Acrylic Fiber", "Polyethylene Textile Fiber", we seemingly understand there's no harmful content.  Contrary to what we may get out of beautiful clothing and the 'High-Tech Fabrics' in our everyday lives, any statement indicating Fleece is not dangerous to our health, based on Scientific Research, is now fiction and a part of our past.  The future is here, and the harm it can cause in our bodies, is becoming more of a discussion than it has in past years.  And, we discovered many reports from Universities, Doctors, and Scientists; as more to see in full discussion regarding the warnings, plus the dangers of Humans being exposed to "Polyethylene".  It's quite alarming.

     Medical products are made from Polyethylene; the very item that may save your life, could also harm your life.

     I now take a second look at my food decisions.  Whoever thought we'd be talking about this?  I did.  The very first place I began the Fibrelos Study was 'The Water'.  That's why in 2009, I drove to U.C. Davis to give them samples and information about the Fibrelos Study; but they were in disbelief. 

     Do we think about our clothing when we take a bite of fish?  Do we really want to be eating our clothing?  First of all, the intended purpose, location, and reason for clothing is a hanger or hook or human: not to catch the fish that ate my sweater...and have that fish be my 'First Course Meal on a Plate'.  Makes me think twice about the scarves I've crocheted, as well as the socks I put on my feet.  

      Below I mention a report from ABC-7 News on 11-17-2015 regarding a U.C. Davis study proving this Polyethylene Product is found in fish we eat.  This brings us now, closer regarding some of the findings of the Fibrelos Study. 

     Scientists insisting Polyethylene is getting into our bodies at least with 'Fish we Eat' brings the public more clarity.  Documented Scientific Reports indicating further Polyethylene is dangerous in the human body.  

     Fibrelos is a 'Textile Fiber', as the content is in question, it at least matches up with characteristics of many different textiles we wear, use, and utilize in our daily lives.  That said, once more research is done, the Fibrelos Study will completely change the way we all understand the meaning of the word Textile.  Next, we have Medical Products produced to save our lives.  In using those products, it would seem as a reversal of it's comprised meaning of 'Saving Lives'.  So much trust we put in those in the manufacturing industry, and we must now reevaluate.

Press Release on November 17, 2015 U.C. Davis Study indicates Polyethylene Fibers are Found Inside 1 out of 4 Fish We Eat -tap here to take you there...

     Mom was watching t.v. as always, but normally she didn't watch the news; except for November 17, 2015.  Here's more...just tap the paragraphs to take you to the links...

     It was a normal evening of television; and Mom's shows were over.  Then Mom hears was Dan Ashley of ABC-7 News, and he stated at the 11:00 news on November 17, 2015, “Synthetic fibers are good to wear; not good to eat’’, Mom yells out so I'll hear, "Hey, turn on Channel 7, they're talking about fibers..."

 Tap here to take you there...  During this special report, Dan Ashley was reporting on a specific focus of "Water Pollution in the San Francisco Bay". 

     Dan Ashley interviews Susan Williams, Ph.D., who was working on the U.C. Davis Study.  Here's the link to the U.C. Davis Study:  

     They found "Polyethylene Fibers" are turning up in our water, fish, then our bodies.  That favorite "Fleece Jacket" you love so're eating it!  Fleece contains 'High-Tech Fibers' ~  entering our waters, as Scientists plus Susan Williams, Ph.D. state.  And it's happening through our washing machines.  Susan Williams, Ph.D. worked on Research that discusses a "Close Match" to this Fibrelos Study. 

     The difference between U.C. Davis' Study and the Fibrelos Study is that they didn't do a 'Movement Study' to see if there was the possibility of any movement from those fibers. I know that sounds very strange, but this is one of the biggest parts of the Fibrelos Study.  However, the Founder of the F.L.D.F., felt this was relatively a good scientific direction; and in part, closely relates to possibilities of the Fibrelos getting into the body.  As this shows at least one other way we could be exposed to Polyethelene Fibers as a first issue, so she placed this on the Fibrelos Study website on November 20, 2015. 

     In this study at U.C. Davis, it clearly indicates "Polyethylene Fibers" as noted by Susan Williams, Ph.D., were found in fish, as mentioned above.  In this U.C. Davis Study it states that "One (1) in Four (4)" Fish used for "Consumption", contain these "High-Tech fibers", and 'Polyethylene' is considered to be a "High-Tech Fiber".  

     The U.C. Davis Study, as mentioned above in the ABC-7 News report, states this harms animals; nothing is mentioned about humans in this report.  However, in researching this issue, there are many studies show Polyethylene can eat through flesh and make humans sick.  In his report, Dan Ashley states that a "Banning of Plastic Micro-Beads" begins in 2020. 

Please see the following articles for more information on "Micro Bead" ban at: , and

Little more about Fibrelos:  What it Looks Like & Characteristics In the Buff:  

     <---Photo to left ~ Here you can see Fibrelos in the 'Buff', but Fibrelos Fluids/Infectious Fluids". The photo here is a Fibrelos that was just pulled from our Founder's Right Leg  on January 4, 2016.  Fibrelos looks clear in color, but sometimes has a 'Rainbow Sheen'.  In the future, the Fibrelos Dry Study will provide more information.  But for now, we're documenting that the size can range.  Fibrelos resembles a type of fiber.  Usually they are slim; almost the width of a hair, but they grow extremely large as well.

The Internal Bite  

Attributing the several years of studying the way Fibrelos works, I've found through experience, Fibrelos is a different type of study.  As we began studying 'The Bite', we researched similar to a “Tick Bite” studies.  As with a tick, you must be exposed somehow by way of exposure to a tick bite.  Fibrelos seems to be different, as there's no tick, but a processes somehow begins symptoms in the body somehow.  One way has been found by U.C. Davis during a study where they found Polyethylene in the Fish we consume.  Tap here to take you there...

    F.L.D.F. feels Fibrelos possibly burrows from the inside after ingestion somehow, then begins to grow throughout the body, as well as the epidermis layers.     

How Do We Stop Fibrelos?

     At this time, this study seems to be the first that has been released in a complexity as the many 'Inner-Connections' process we speak about in the Fibrelos Study.  There have been studies circulating specific to a more “Symptomatic” approach, but nothing directly speaking of such a similar topic as Fibrelos.  The F.L.D.F. is searching for answers. 

Where we found Similar Fibers to Fibrelos:

     One location where we found this similar fibers to Fibrelos was at a local "Walmart Store".  Directly under the clothing racks were "Textile Fiber Ball" apart to take a few samples in a zip-lock baggie.  It was remarkable the comparable likeness of the fibers found to that of the Fibrelos.  Looking at these fibers under 4x magnification the movement was significant and identical to the movement found in Fibrelos Strands.  Majority of the fibers matched nearly identical; as some were different colors, sizes as to to the fibers removed from our Patient's affected areas of Fibrelos.  We've found a match with the 'Medicine Bottles Cotton' product we find inside of prescription bottles and vitamin bottles.  The nearly clear ~ rainbow sheen, look in general has identical characteristics, and the movement is identical to that found in Fibrelos Strands.  Once the test was set up, it was documented as a sure find. 

Our Founder could have lost her lower right leg from Fibrelos; our goal is to save lives now rather than later.

    During our HistoricFibrelos Study Beginning in 2008: It's Thought of Being Related to "Polyethylene":

The Fibrelos Study over the years has felt that due to the identical movements, way it looks, and other characteristics, there may be a relation to Polyethylene Fibers.  There are numerous studies that have been done relating to Polyethylene getting into our bodies.  

Our Fibrelos Study is one that directly shows a comparison of different fibers found in the community of land and water.  Next, finding nearly identical movements-upon study, and a specific look; a sheen that is similar to that of a rainbow-crystal-like shine; these are specific characteristics known to the Fibrelos Study.  

This is very alarming.  

We found enough of a connection, in 2015, to place this information on our website.  Keeping in mind a study is learning the path of something; today we are in a better direction of obtaining further answers.  It's now Saturday, September 29, 2018.  

Our research direction is better than ever for Research Specialists to get involved.  The Fibrelos Study is very complex: our 1st Research Team wasn't brave enough to carry it out, and walked away in mid 2018.  

This is a Fibrelos Mini-Tumor

This was another Fibrelos Mini-Tumor removed from the Upper Chest area of our Founder on September 6, 2018.  This resembles a tick at first glance.

As you can see, there is a Fibrelos Tangle System that is visible: the 'Criss-Cross' pattern wraps around the mass of Fibrelos Rock Clots.

Fibrelos Rock Clot ~ Founder's Left Breast on August 15, 2018

This was what was found on August 15, 2018 on the Founder's Left Breast.  Resembles a Tick a bit as well.  This is a Fibrelos Rock Clots.

Video: Fibrelos Rock Clot Mini-Tumor - Removed form Left Breast on 8-15-2018

Seen in this video along with the removal of this Fibrelos Rock Clots.  from the Left Breast, is Fibrelos Cellulitis.  Fibrelos Cellulitis is found normally close to a Fibrelos Attack Zone, here it's on the side of the Left Breast of our Founder.  By the way, she states this video was recorded on 8-18-2018, it was August 15, 2018, just to correct that.  

The Fibrelos Cellulitis comes equipped with Fibrelos Strands, Fibrelos Rock Clots, and lots discomfort.  It comes back chronically; if an antibiotic is prescribed, it goes away for a short period, then reoccurs in less than a month's time. 

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